10 A-List Celebs Who Were Told To Lose Weight Or Body Shamed For Roles

These Hollywood A-Listers had their bodies shamed, and fought back!g

Oh Hollywood, the land of the beautiful, but not so much free. It is no secret that film producers hold high, and many times, unreasonable standards, for their actor’s looks and bodies, especially woman! Thankfully in recent years, women have begun to speak out about the inequality when it comes to weight and looks between men and women in Hollywood, and audiences are loving it! Recently, Underworld actress Kate Beckinsale came forward explaining that she had been asked to lose weight before filming Pearl Harbor, even though she was already petite. Still she is far from the only actress in Hollywood body shamed and forced to lose weight for a role, and she wasn’t the first to speak out or take a stand either!

Here are 10 Celebs who were body shamed or told to lose weight!

Jennifer Lawrence

She may have played a starving Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games, but even that role wasn’t enough to pressure Jennifer Lawrence into an unhealthy weight! JLaw has revealed that she had been told straight up by unnamed people in the industry to lose weight or she would get fired from her roles! -a-days, she uses a simple but fitting reply to anyone who even thinks about asking her to diet for a role, “Go f**K yourself”. Jennifer’s curves are gorgeous, so I say she is perfect just the ways she is!

Kate Beckinsale

Is this real life? Kate Beckinsale is one of the most petite actress out there, so did someone REALLY tell her to shape it up?! about her experience on the Pearl Harbor set with director Michael Bay, who was harshly critical of her body. Beckinsale had just come from having her first child, and as a naturally petite woman, she looked great. Apparently Michael Bay was not satisfied, though, and told her if she wanted the part she’d have to lose weight. My question is FROM WHERE?! Girl is tiny already! Yeesh!

Jennifer Lopez

Nobody puts JLo in a corner! Jennifer Lopez is basically FAMOUS for her curves, so can you believe her ex-manager told her she was fat and needed to lose weight for him to continue to represent her? Don’t worry though, JLo had none of that mess and FIRED her manager the next day! Of the event, “No, this is who I am and this is the type of woman that I grew up with and it’s beautiful. There’s no reason to be anybody but myself.”

Jason Segel

Men so very rarely face the criticism women do for their weight in Hollywood, BUT, they still do. Funnyman Jason Segel was told he needed to lose at LEAST 35 pounds for his film The Five-Year Engagement, co-starring Emily Blunt. They suggested it looked unrealistic to two actors could possibly be in a relationship with eachother because she was so hot and he was so, well, chubby. Jason actually sort of agreed, and shaped up, but said he was happy the way he was in the first place as well.

Liv Tyler

The daughter of Aerosmith front-man Steven Tyler should have NO problem getting her foot in Hollywood’s door, right? Wrong, apparently the PERFECTLY curvy Armageddon actress was told by many industry insiders to lose weight so she could get more work in Hollywood, or just fail. She struggled a bit with the idea, finally gave her a confidence in her body and self she never knew she could have, and dieting is not a part of her career anymore. TEAM LIV!

Margot Robbie

Ok, this one is puzzling, but believe it or not, this super thin and sporty actress was told she needed to lose weight if she wanted to make it big in Hollywood, according to an OK! Magazine article. Apparently Margot did admit to not eating the best and did make some adjustments to her eating and exercise routine. She looks great though, so if anyone ever asks her to lose any weight again, I demand she laugh at them in the face just like Harley Quinn.

Chrissy Tegan

Model/actress Chrissy Tegan was one of a few models actually FIRED for apparently being “too fat”, when there isn’t a single fat thing about her! Chrissy admitted she was in fact fired from Forever 21 as a model because she was too thick. Is that insane? Didn’t effect her though because she is out there OWNING it on the cover of Sports Illustrated and MORE, and looking fit doing it!

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet rocked her very time-period accurate curves in Titanic, but before her new found fame, by an acting teacher to get ready “to settle for the fat girl parts” if she wanted to succeed in Hollywood. As one of the most beautiful leading ladies in Hollywood, and with Oscar nominations to boot, I think Kate did just fine, curves and all!

Carrie Fisher

The Star Wars beauty was asked to slim it up in order to reprise her role in The Force Awakens, and while she did, she didn’t let it define her as a person. At 59 years old, she compares losing weight to getting younger, basically impossible. Carrie remarked on the debacle, saying “We treat beauty like an accomplishment and that is insane.”