10 Coolest James Bond Kills

Across 24 films spanning over 50 years, Bond has sent many baddies and villains to their deaths, whether it be at the end of a gun or in a more inventive style. I’ve been making my way backwards through the Bond films, and I just watched Licence To Kill and thought it was the most violent of all the 007 films, with some truly spectacular stunts and shocking deaths (The exploding head in the pressure chamber) It made me think, what are some of the coolest Bond kills?

How do you narrow down 10 choices from 24 films, especially when the body count seems to get higher with each film? Well, I’ve attempted to pick 10 of the coolest James Bond kills, and in order, check them out!

10. Skyfall – Any personal kill from Bond is an impactful one, none more than the ending of Skyfall when M is being held in the twisted arms of Mr. Silva, holding a gun to her head. Bond intervenes and plunges a knife deep into his back, saving M at the last minute and killing Silva, ending his reign of terror. Whilst it’s a great kill, it’s M’s death that hits hard just afterwards.

"I suppose it's too late to make a run for it"

“I suppose it’s too late to make a run for it”

9. Live & Let Die – In Roger Moore’s first outing as the British spy, Bond comes across Dr. Kananga, a corrupt dictator distributing heroin. With Solitaire, a psychic and Bond’s new love interest captured, he blows up Kananga’s poppy fields, distracting the enemy and saving Solitaire, they then escape into an underground lair where Bond and Kananga fight it out. In a hilariously unexpected moment, Bond slips a gun pellet into Kananga’s mouth and it sends him launching into mid-air, inflated, he then explodes like a massive balloon. It remains one of my favourite kills due to its campy and over the top nature.

"Mr. Bond, it's good to see you again"

“Mr. Bond, it’s good to see you again”

8. For Your Eyes Only – Emile Loque, a silent henchmen, pops up wherever Bond seems to go in this exciting 12th instalment. After killing the Countess and Bond’s contact Ferrara, it’s a rewarding moment when Bond finally gets the chance to get his own back and take down the enforcer, and he does it in spectacularly style by shooting him in the shoulder and sending his car careening towards the edge of a cliff. Loque reaches out for 007’s assistance, instead, Bond mercilessly kicks the car hard and it tumbles off the cliff, sending Loque to his death!

"He had no head for heights"
“He had no head for heights”

7. From Russia With Love – The now iconic shoe that conceals a knife tipped with poison belonged to the deadly Rosa Klebb, a defector working for SPECTRE. Just when Bond and Tatiana believe they’ve finished the mission, Klebb sneaks into their hotel and attempts to kill Bond by kicking at him with her bladed shoe. He defends himself, but it’s Tatiana who saves the day by shooting Klebb. The reason why I’ve picked this one is because you think Bond is going to finish her off but the surprise comes from Tatiana’s actions, and I think it’s a surprise to choose a kill that isn’t 100% 007’s actions.

"Horrible woman" - "Yes, she had her kicks"

“Horrible woman” – “Yes, she had her kicks”

6. Quantum of Solace – Bond fights who he thought was one of his own when M’s bodyguard Mitchell open fires and attempts to kill M. Bond chases after Mitchell across Siena in Italy, from sewer systems to rooftops, ending in a fantastic acrobatic style combat where Bond and Mitchell swings from ropes and jump from scaffolding to take one another down. Disarmed and dangling over the floor, Bond is about the bite the bullet until he swings over to his gun, pushes himself up, swings on the rope and shoots Mitchell dead. It’s silence after the gunshot, an absolute breathless foot chase leading to a satisfying end.

"We have people everywhere, am I right?"

“We have people everywhere, am I right?”

5. A View To A Kill – Christopher Walken plummets to his death after losing his grip atop the Golden Gate Bridge. Walker’s calm madness and unnervingly stylish performance as Max Zorin makes his death even more impactful as he chuckles as he’s about to die, considering Bond is standing above him waiting for him to fall. After a close quarters axe battle, it’s nice to see Bond turn the tables on this megalomaniac.

"Wow, what a view" - "To a kill!"

“Wow, what a view” – “To a kill!”

4. Goldfinger – In one of the most tense fights in a Bond film, 007 comes face to face with Harold Sakata’s silent but deadly thug Oddjob, who boasts an impressive bowler hat with a razor sharp rim that can take off limbs. Stuck in a gold bullion vault with no clear way out, Bond uses timing and luck to avoid getting his body severed. In a moment of chance, Bond electrifies a set of vault bars and kills Oddjob in a spectacular burst of deadly sparks. This kill leaves me with a sigh of relief every-time.

"No Mr. Bond I expect you to die!"

“No Mr. Bond I expect you to die!”

3. Goldeneye – Famke Janssen steals the screen as Xenia Onatopp, a sadistic henchwoman with a penchant for killing her victims by crushing them with her thighs. Bond and Natalya find themselves confronted by this crazed killer once again when their plane crash lands. Xenia squeezes her thighs against Bond leaving him with no air, clearly enjoying the pain she is inflicting on him. 007 quickly retaliates and shoots the helicopter she abseiled down from, sending the helicopter hurtling out of control, whisking Xenia off her feet and in the air, crushing her against a tree leaving with her no room for air. Talk about a taste of your own medicine.

This time, Mr. Bond, the pleasure will be all mine.

This time, Mr. Bond, the pleasure will be all mine.

2. Licence To Kill – Bond goes on a personal vendetta to take down Franz Sanchez, a drug baron responsible for the attempted murder of Bond’s friend Felix Leiter. As 007 gets closer to bringing down his cartel, you can feel the determination from the vengeful agent. When Bond finds himself at the end of Sanchez’ machete after a spectacular tanker chase, Bond reveals a lighter given to him by Felix, and then sets Sanchez, who is covered in petrol, on fire. He screams and and runs around before going up in flames with his last petrol tanker. It’s a particularly dark and violent scene for a Bond film, but that’s what makes it so rewarding and glorious.

"You could've had everything!"

“You could’ve had everything!”

1. Casino Royale – How 007 earned his licence is brilliantly and violently brought to life at the beginning of franchise reboot Casino Royale. After taking out dirty MI6 chief Dryden, Bond retells of his confrontation with one of Dryden’s contacts, whom he takes down in a brutal bathroom brawl. As Bond picks up his gun, the contact wakes up and attempts to shoot Bond, but with quick thinking, Bond reacts and fires, bringing back the iconic gun-barrel opening, and this particular entrance stands as one of the coolest in the entire franchise. The heft of the gunshot and the cold takedown from Bond makes for one of the coolest kills from the 00 agent.

"Yes. Considerably"

“Yes. Considerably”

What do you think of my choice for the 10 Coolest James Bond kills? Did I miss any out, considering the franchise spans over 50 years and 24 films!


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