10 Horribly Hard Horror Riddles To Tax Your Brains

If you like a tricksy bit of wordplay with your horror fandom, tackle these horribly hard horror riddles. I’ve attacked the thesaurus and reworded the titles of these well known horror movies… can you work out which movie the clue hints at?

[Note: no other clues are permitted, so image-wise, I’m just gonna throw in some pictures of staring blankly at you while you rack your brains.]

1. Clue: Altitudinous Astriction

High Tension

2. Clue: Ultimate Terminus

Final Destination

3. Clue: Maraschino Cataract

Cherry Falls

4. Clue: The Declivity

The Descent

5. Clue: Mutt Mercenaries

Dog Soldiers

6. Clue: Erroneous Deviation

Wrong Turn

7. Clue: Grant Me Permission To Enter

Let Me In

8. Clue: Alumnus


9. Clue: Cadaverous Aurora

Dawn of the Dead

10. Clue: Chalet Pyrexia

Cabin Fever

If you want more horror riddles, .

Tell — how many did you get right?



To avoid fainting, keep repeating ‘It’s only a movie…It’s only a movie…’