10 Kick-Ass Martial Arts Movies From 2015 That You Should Have Watched By Now

10 Kick-Ass Martial Arts Movies From 2015 That You Should Have Watched By Now by Varia Fedko-Blake , May 25th, 2016 at 6:51am Share on Facebook Share to TwitterThere were a surprising number of martial arts movies released in 2015, each and every one catering to our cravings for fast-paced, exhilarating action in a different way.Martial Arts Movies 2015 ListEncompassing a plethora of different fighting styles and themes, it is no wonder that the genre appeals to many. So, in celebration of this, below are ten examples of epic martial arts movies 2015, alongside a brief snippet of information about why you should watch them the next time you’re yearning for that extra pump of adrenaline.1. Kung FuryDavid Sandberg in 2015 movie Kung FuWho is in it? David Sandberg, Jorma Taccone, Steven ChewDirector David Sandberg stars in his own film about a hardcore martial artist police officer in Miami, who embarks on a mission to obliterate one of the most dangerous criminals — Adolf Hitler (yes, really.)Why should you watch it? Although it might not make a lot of sense in the real world, the mere fact that this movie essentially focuses on a time-traveling adventure to kill Nazis and robots makes it one of the best martial arts movies in 2015.2. Ip Man 3Is Ip Man 3 the best martial arts movie of 2015?Who is in it? Donnie Yen, Lynn Hung, Jin ZhangMaster Ip strikes again the third installment of this epic martial arts biopic, in which he is summoned to defend his city from an gangster property developer.Why should you watch it? Clearly because you’ll likely never come across such a fun link between real estate and martial arts anywhere else.3. Pound of FleshJean-Claude Van Damme doing his thingWho is in it? Jean-Claude Van Damme, John Ralston, Aki AleongAction legend Jean-Claude Van Damme does it again, showcasing his heroic attempts to save a niece in need of a kidney transplant, before becoming a victim of organ theft himself. Waking up without a kidney, he embarks on a race against the clock in his rampant plan for revenge.Why should you watch it? It’s quite the oddity in terms of its thematic focus, but the fact that Pound of Flesh has Jean-Claude Van Damme in it is reason enough to watch it4. Dragon BladeJackie Chan in martial arts movie Dragon BladeWho is in it? Jackie Chan, John Cusack, Adrien BrodyThe historical action epic is set during the Han Dynasty , in which the commander of the Protection Squad of the Wester Regions (played impeccably by Jackie Chan, of course) joins forces with a Roman general (John Cusack) to take down power-hungry Tiberius (Adrien Brody). Here’s the trailer:Why should you watch it? As one of the most expensive films to be ever produced in China, it deserves your attention as one of the most notable martial arts movies in 2015. Brimming with epic battle scenes, it lends a classy hand to the action/martial arts genre with its well-constructed visuals and dedicated cast.5. The ChallengerKent Moran and Michael Clarke DuncanWho is in it? Kent Moran, Michael Clarke Duncan, S. Epatha MerkersonA struggling Bronx auto-mechanic takes it upon himself to do everything to prevent himself and his mother from falling into dire poverty. Turning to a legendary martial arts trainer, he soon realizes that boxing may be his way out of living on the streets.Why should you watch it? Perhaps one of the top boxing movies in recent history, this drama that will pull at your heartstrings, as well as introduce you to the hardcore world of light-heavyweight boxing from the comfort of your own living room.6. BrothersWho is in it? Akshay Kumar, Jackie Shroff, Sidharth MalhotraTwo long-lost brothers reunite after several years to find that the wounds of their familial past remain a haunting presence. The now full-grown men are still bitter as ever, coming head to head in one of the biggest events in mixed martial arts history in India.Why should you watch it? The appeal of this 2015 martial arts movie is that alongside the brutal fight scenes, there is a lingering depiction of the human condition that shows both the vulnerability at the crux of man, as well as the emotions behind volatile sibling rivalry.7. Wolf WarriorWolf Warrior is one of the best martial arts moviesWho is in it? Jing Wu, Nan Yu, Dahong NiIn this 2015 Chinese martial arts war action movie, director Wu Jing brings a hard-hitting storyline that follows events surrounding a special force office with extraordinary fighting skills. When he is confronted by a group of vicious foreign mercenaries on a mission to assassinate him, the officer unleashes the full extent of his capabilities.Why should you watch it? A fantastic military/martial arts hybrid feature released in 2015, Wolf Warrior incorporates many action sequences from real Chinese special force members giving the movie an admirable air of authenticity.8. The AssassinThe Assassin won Best Director at Cannes 2015Who is in it? Chen Chang, Qi Shu, Yun ZhouThe Assassin is a 2015 Chinese martial arts movie directed by Taiwanese director Hou Hsiao-Hsien. Loosely based on a 9th century martial arts story, it introduces events surrounding an assassin embarking on a dangerous mission to kill China’s political leader.Why should you watch it? Firstly, because it was the winner of Best Director at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival and the Taiwanese entry for Best Foreign Language Film at the 88th Academy Awards (sadly though, it was not nominated.) Masterfully choreographed and stunningly beautiful, it is one of the most sensational martial arts movies in recent years, let alone just 2015.9. The Final MasterThe Final Master stars Fan Liao in the lead roleWho is in it? Fan Liao, Jia Song, Wenli JiangA Wing Chun master embarks on a quest to defeat eight ruthless martial arts school in a bid to open his own. However, local politics get in the way of what he yearns to achieve.Why should you watch it? If anything, probably for the scene involving Wing Chun double blades alone. Overdramatic? Of course, but this is exactly what martial arts should be about.10. Skin TradeSkin Trade stars an impeccable castWho is in it? Tony Jaa, Dolph Lundgren, Michael Jai White, Ron PerlmanStarring perhaps one of the most compelling contemporary action stars around these days, Tony Jaa, Skin Trade explores the storyline of a NYC detective who travels to South East Asia to team up with a Thai detective to get revenge on the death of his family at the hands of a Serbian gangster.Why should you watch it? With a vibe echoing late ’80s action cinema, the stellar cast deliver commendable performances, which are as impressive as the superior fight scenes.Which martial arts movie was your favorite in 2015?