10 Sassy AF Quotes From ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ You Should Start Using Immediately

Today marks 10 years since the release of The Devil Wears Prada and regardless of the decade passed, its continual and frantically witty quips are still referenced in daily life. Starring , not only does this movie perfectly satire the fashion industry — it was written by a former Vogue assistant, after all — but it also reflects the strength a woman must carry to climb the career ladder today, basically by being a total bad-ass-boss. Like so:

Now, to illustrate how well the brilliant burns in this timeless classic hold up , here’s a guide to how you can use some of the best :

1. When someone says they prefer Taco Bell to Chipotle:

2. When you’re walking behind slow tourists/old people/young people/people with children/anyone, basically:

3. When you overhear someone saying they don’t watch Game of Thrones:

4. When your mum asks you for the zillionth time when you’re going to ‘settle down’ and have kids:

5. When you didn’t really want her to come anyway, but feel like being a douche about it:

6. Basically every time you pick up any fashion magazine in spring:

7. When someone suggests you should put down that slice and turn Netflix off:

8. When your weird aunt buys you clothes for christmas:

9. When someone asks you to choose between the Hemsworth brothers:

10. When you’re talking to your ex and just, no:

What’s your favorite The Devil Wears Prada quote?


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