10 Things You Need To Know About Artemis Joining ‘Arrow’ Season 5

When it was announced that Madison McLaughlin would be returning to Arrow as Evelyn Sharp, the Black Canary copycat, I was excited. Her stint as the young vigilante in Arrow‘s 419, ‘Canary Cry’, was effective, and returned dwindling female presence to the show. Since the death of Laurel Lance, Team Arrow was now compromised of just two female leads, Thea Queen and Felicity Smoak. The one thing Arrow has been consistently good at, however, was keeping the show’s cast diverse and equal.

Evelyn Sharp as Artemis / ComicbookMovie.com

Evelyn Sharp as Artemis / ComicbookMovie.com

My excitement for Madison’s return furthered when it was announced she would not continue her journey as the next Black Canary (one was a enough, let the body get cold first), but instead would be transitioning into the vigilante Artemis from DC comics and Young Justice!

In her first appearance on Arrow in season 4, Evelyn Sharp had attempted to take over the Black Canary mantle after Laurel’s death to satisfy her own need for revenge of her parent’s death. Team Arrow was able to thwart her actions and send the teenager on her way, inspired to be the hope that Laurel once was, and not take justice into her own hands the wrong way. You know what they say, once a vigilante, always a vigilante!

'Canary Cry' Arrow 419

‘Canary Cry’ Arrow 419

So who is Artemis? A villain? Anit-hero? Is she still out for revenge? What could she mean for team Arrow and newly appointed Mayor, Oliver Queen?

Here are 10 things you need to know about Artemis and what she means for ‘Arrow’!

1. Artemis’ mother is the villain Tigress, who later becomes the Huntress.

The Huntress / DC

The Huntress / DC

This, will not be the case in Arrow, at least as far as we know. Evelyn’s parents on the show were killed when Malcolm Merlin collapsed Damien Darhk’s “Ark”, or dome. We have already met the Huntress on Arrow, but she is currently detained in Iron Heights. Could she have have given up a child at some point? You never know!

2. She’s a villain, but also, not a villain…

DC Wiki

DC Wiki

In the comics, Artemis takes on her parent’s way of life as a villain and joins the Injustice Society, Injustice League, and the Secret Society of Supervillains. However, in Young Justice, Artemis is a part of the Young Justice League and takes the Red Arrow’s place as the Green Arrow’s sidekick.

3. She’s ambidextrous!

That’s right! She can shoot her arrows with her right and left hand! Artemis’ other abilities include being a skilled marksman, with above average speed, endurance, agility, and strength! In Canary Cry, we were clearly able to see Evelyn Sharp demonstrate her agility and physical attributes as a gymnast.

4. She’s bi-racial

Artemis may be blonde, but she is actually half half-Vietnamese, half-Caucasian. No telling if Artemis’ heritage will come in to play on Arrow, we were never able to see her parents. Artemis can also speak Vietnamese as well as French.

5. She’s in a relationship with The Flash

'Young Justice'

‘Young Justice’

Ok, but not Barry Allen, but instead, Kid Flash, Wally West. This could be very intriguing, because Wally West has been introduced on The Flash, and all the DC shows on The CW are about to get crossover crazy! So, we could see Artemis and Wally West at least meet next season, and I am all for it!

6. She lives under the guise of being Oliver Queen’s Niece

When Artemis comes to Young Justice, Bruce Wayne and Oliver Queen make up that she is Oliver’s niece in order to get the team to accept her and to hide her supervillain-family past. It works until, Jade aka Cheshire, reveals the truth of where Artemis comes from to her Young Justice team.

7. Roy is the one who figures out Artemis’ secret

I think this might be my favorite little nugget, because it means that Roy could be back on Arrow! In Young Justice, Roy decides not join the team, and discontinues being Green Arrow’s sidekick, that’s when Bruce Wayne brings in Artemis under the guise that she is Oliver Queen’s niece. However, Roy figures out she is not, and becomes suspicious of Artemis’ motives on the team. Actor Colton Haynes has said multiple times he will take any opportunity he can to come back to the show, so here’s hoping he does.

8. Her sister, Jade, is Cheshire

Cheshire / 'Young Justice'

Cheshire / ‘Young Justice’

Not too long ago, before Thea became Speedy, I had a theory Arrow would turn her into Cheshire, a villain, first. After being brought back to life, she was quite rampant, however, she instead transitioned right into Speedy. Now with the introduction of Artemis, we may actually get Cheshire! Jade, Artemis’ long lost sister, becomes the villain Cheshire, and the pair meet again in Artemis’ first faceoff with the villain in Young Justice. No casting for Cheshire has been announced, so as of now she will not be introduced on the show.

9. Artemis later becomes the third Tigress

Tigress / 'Young Justice'
Tigress / ‘Young Justice’

Inspired by her mother, Tigress, Artemis eventually takes her mantle. After her death is staged, Artemis reappears in Young Justice as Tigress, but only Wally West and Nightwing know it’s her and that she is alive.

10. Artemis chose a green costume because she admired the Green Arrow

Artemis / DC
Artemis / DC

Artemis looked up to Green Arrow from a distance, being they shared the same skill. When she finally meets him and joins Young Justice as his protege, she chooses a green costume in honor of him. I could definitely see something similar playing out on Arrow, as Evelyn Sharp ended her appearance being grateful to Oliver Queen and team Arrow for setting her back on track, and on the right path to justice. Maybe in season 5, she will show up wanting to join them in their efforts to save Star City. Then, her admiration for Oliver may be what leads her to pick up a bow and green suit!

What does Artemis mean for Team Arrow?

Well, we know that she looks up to the Green Arrow, and so knowing Oliver Queen, he will most likely take Evelyn Sharp under his wing to develop her into Artemis. What does this mean for Speedy, being she has the place of the Green Arrow’s sidekick? I certainly hope it doesn’t mean we will see Thea Queen give Speedy up anytime soon, unless its for her own spin-off. Also Madison McLaughlin has not been announced as a series regular, just a season 5 star, so more likely than not, we will see the exit of the character in some form by the end of the season.

Another fun speculation is the return of Roy Harper, being that in Young Justice he was a large part of Artemis’ and Cheshire’s story. Like I said before, Colton Haynes is down to come back, so how about a prayer circle Artemis’ appearance will be the catalyst!

Basically, everything about Artemis seems to point to some serious drama for Arrow and Oliver Queen, which could be trouble with Oliver now sitting in the mayoral chair for Star City. However, I am more than a little intrigued for the character to make her debut on the show and to see how her Young Justice history is woven into Arrow and its characters. Plus, it’s nice to have another strong female character added to the show. With how young she is, there is ample opportunity for the character to grow and become more integrated.

Welcome to Arrow, Artemis!

‘Arrow’ season 5 premieres Wednesday, October 5th at 9/8c on The CW!

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