11 Celebs Who Totally Don’t Look Like Warped, Soul-Sucking Demons When Flipped Upside-Down

11 Celebs Who Totally Don’t Look Like Warped, Soul-Sucking Demons When Flipped Upside-Down by Karly Rayner , May 26th, 2016 at 4:47am Share on Facebook Share to TwitterIt might be hard to believe, but if you flip your phone upside-down (or laptop if you don’t mind giving off a mad Luna Lovegood vibe ) you totally won’t fancy the likes of Brad pitt and Jennifer Lawrence anymore. Instead, you’ll probably want to crouch trembling behind a 5 inch think cast iron door hoping that they don’t gnash through it with their monstrous teeth.At first glance, there is nothing too odd about the photos below apart from some suspiciously lazy eye-lids and that is thanks to a weird mind trick known as the Thatcher Effect. This phenomenon is a result of our brains making sense of the flipped image and effectively seeing what we think we should see as opposed to what’s actually there.The fact that we don’t initially notice that the mouths and eyes have been flipped is thought to be thanks to specific psychological cognitive modules involved in face perception which are finely tuned to only work on upright facesBut, enough with that science shit, let’s roll onto the slightly unsettling LOLs.Justin Bieber Serves Fierce The Hills Have Eyes RealnessIs it too late now to say sorry?Angelina Jolie Cosplaying As A Soul-Stealing SuccubusIs anyone else getting some serious “Come Little children I’ll Take Thee Away” vibes from this?Tbh, I would still go to her land of enchantment though.Dylan O’Brian’s School For Kids Who Don’t Read GoodDylan O’Brien becomes the world’s premiere upside-down derp model.Amanda Seyfried’s Fifth Sense Is TinglingIt looks like Amanda’s lips smell really bad.Demon (Typo And It Stays) LovatoHEEEEEEEEEERE’S DEMI!Neanderthal GyllenhaalI told you not to pop another Molly, Jake!!!Kylie Jenner: Lip TitShe’ll probably legit look like this by the time she’s 30 if she doesn’t stop getting so much work done tbh.She Just Bein’ MileyThey don’t call her ‘Smiler’ for nothingHarry Styles: Wrong DirectionYou only had one direction to nail Harry and look at where we’ve ended up.Just A Totally Normal Jennifer Lawrence, Nothing To See Here…Except the fact it looks she wants to tear out your jugular with her pearly whites and slur it like fleshy spaghetti. Minor detail.The Names Pond, Reduced Gene PondDaniel Craig looks like he’s been a bit too close to his family for generations.If you can’t get enough of optical illusions that make your fave celebs look like grotesque beast, I’d also suggest staring at this cross for a while and then relaxing with a nice trip with The Dude. You’re welcome!Which Upside-Down Celeb Will Be Stalking Your Nightmares Tonight?(Source: Buzzfeed and Blaze Press)