’13 Ghosts’ Behind The Scenes: Dare You Enter The Glass House?

In a fit of horror nostalgia, I searched for behind-the-scenes photos from the set of one of my most beloved dearly ’00s movies, . Even , I still admire the great costumes and gleeful energy of the movie, and the carefully crafted mythology of the . I was lucky enough to actually find some behind-the-scenes photos from the 13 Ghosts set via an ancient Ain’t It Cool article, so take a trip back in time and check out the 13 Ghosts lurking backstage!

Oh, and if you want to see , or find out , those are things you can do!

The Bound Woman – Laura Mennell

The Great Child – C. Ernst Harth

The First Born Son – Mikhael Speidel

The Torso – Daniel Wesley

The Juggernaut – John DeSantis

The Torn Prince – Craig Olejnik

The Jackal – Shayne Wyler

The Withered Lover – Kathryn Anderson

The Pilgrimess – Xantha Radley

The Hammer – Herbert Duncanson

On Set At The Glass House

Ain’t It Cool comment on the backstage photo above:

The wooden stairs you see are not part of the set, this was just where the actors entered the area. The set continues on for about 30 feet (it was huge) and it was SO hot in there. Think about the logistics of shooting in a house where every wall reflects. They had so many lights in there. The entire crew had to wear black just to cut down on the reflections.

Sadly, there were no individual shots of our beloved Angry Princess (played to perfection by Shawna Loyer) but here she is with the ghostly gang below.

13 Ghosts* Assemble!

*If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll know there are actually only 12 here, and you’ll know why — heh heh.

Which is your favorite of the 13 Ghosts?

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