14 ‘Community’ GIFs That Perfectly Sum Up Your Back-To-School Feelings

It’s getting to be that time of year. The summer is winding down, summer shows have aired their finales, the blistering heat has begun to subside and office supplies aisle has exploded well beyond it’s usual section. We all know what that means — it’s time to go back to school.

After long days at the beach, hanging around outside, or — at least in my case — marathon Netflix binges in an air conditioned room, it’s time to return to the necessary evil that is school. But nothing makes the school year suck a little less than commiserating with your favorite fictional students from Community.

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Here are 14 (plus) Community GIFs that sum up the seven stages of back-to-school grief:

1. Disbelief


What’s the date again? No, that’s not even close to school starting. We’re still in the prime days of summer. Get out of here with that nonsense. I don’t believe you.


2. Denial

The definition of not cool.

You can show me that calendar as many times as you want and I still won’t believe it. It’s only June, right?

I can’t go back to studying. I don’t have it in me.

3. Bargaining

$60 is a lot of money in student terms.

How much to make this whole “school” thing go away? Do I have to start an internet company Mark Zuckerberg-style? I have some money saved up that I’d be willing to throw at this problem to make it disappear. I’ll do anything.

Pretty please with emotional trauma on top?

4. Guilt

I really did this to myself.

This was the year I said I was going to get things done. I was going to get a tan. I was going to laugh. I was going to live again! And yet, here we are. I have somehow wasted my entire summer vacation watching Stranger Things and eating Domino’s. Actually, that sounds pretty good.

I had zero productive days.

5. Anger

Who did I wrong in a past life to deserve this?

Why oh why did I have to be born with nice, responsible parents who care about my future and want me to succeed? I can’t go back to the daily grind of academia.

If you make me go back, I will start a riot.

6. Depression

It’s too soon!

Can I just stay in bed all day watching more Netflix and live in a fantasy world where this isn’t happening? I’m going to say “yes.”

I’m not ready.

7. Acceptance And Hope

Guess I just have to accept my fate.

Okay, I have finally accepted the fact that I have to go back to school. At least there are some advantages to heading back. I’ll get to see my friends again, maybe I’ll learn some new stuff and this could be my chance to rock a new look (starburns, here I come).

Starting another year means I’m one year closer to being done with school forever.

New year, same me.

To all of you brave, Movie Pilot-reading students out there, go forth and kick ass this year.

Let’s do this thing!

To get your Community fix be sure to visit Hulu, where you can finally stream the show in all of it’s full six season-long glory.

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