19 Tweets To Sum Up Your Feelings About ‘The Bachelorette’ Finale

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for the season finale of The Bachelorette! If you don’t know which former professional athlete JoJo chose, be sure to now before reading any further.

Last night, the dramatic 12th season of The Bachelorette finally came to a close. With one semi-wilted rose and a behemoth of a Neil Lane engagement ring, the hopes and dreams of one of JoJo Fletcher’s suitors/former professional athletes were dashed.

It came as a shock to absolutely no one when the fetching JoJo chose Green Bay Packer Aaron Rodgers’ younger brother Jordan to be her betrothed and sent Robby Hayes packing, but that didn’t stop Twitter from heading into an absolute firestorm over her decision. As is always the case, social media proved to best sum up our feelings over the three-hour-long television event. Here are some of the best Tweets of the evening:

1. When This Cake Spoke The Truth

2. When It Was Clear Robby Was Trying A Little Too Hard

3. When You Finally Realize Why JoJo’s Dad Looks So Familiar

4. When You Were Disappointed By JoJo’s Brothers

5. When Robby Made Possibly The Least-Appealing Case Of All Time

6. When Host Chris Harrison Mentioned Aaron Rodgers For The 100th Time

7. When JoJo Completely Ignored Her Family, Because JORDAN

8. When The Whole Thing Was A Lose-Lose Situation

9. When Jordan Might As Well Have Thrown JoJo’s Parents A Text

10. When Robbie Was Eager But We All Low-Key Knew

11. When JoJo Unleashed This Whammy

12. When Robby’s Swimming Skills Finally Had The Opportunity To Shine

13. When Nick Viall Found Solace In This Fact

14. When The Most Obvious Possible Ending Took Place

15. When Apparently Disney Taught JoJo Nothing

16. When We All Lost Interest A Second Later

17. When It Was Obvious She Chose The Greater Of Two Evils

18. When The TL;DR For The Entire Season Became Clear

19. When Chris Harrison Showed Us The Meaning Of Trust Issues

Only time will tell if JoJo and Jordan’s love is built to last. Although I wish them the best, I also have the strange feeling that Neil Lane will be getting his ring back sooner than expected. Luckily, Bachelor in Paradise returns tonight to fill the would-be void in our hearts. Thank GOODNESS!

To relive all of the magic and cringe-worthy moments from last night’s finale, where the episode is currently available for streaming.

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