20th Century Women

Trailer for 20th Century Women.

The story of three women who explore love and freedom in Southern California during the late 1970s.This will be the second time that Annette Bening and Elle Fanning have worked together. They co-starred in back in 2012.

20th Century Women Trailer Screen Shot 1
It is a small world…the house that was used in this film was also used which  also starred .

The film is set to play at 3 film festivals: , Hamptons International Film Festival & Mill Valley Film Festival. It will then have a limited release on Christmas Day this year and then should open up in more theaters on January 20, 2017.
I do not know what to think about this trailer. I do not know exactly what the film is about. It obviously centers on a family living in Santa Barbara during the 80’s, but what else are the central plot points. This trailer fell flat for me and was quite dull.

20th Century Women Trailer Screen Shot 2
There is one bright spot with this film, it does some great actors in Annette Bening and Elle Fanning. They both bring an authenticity and believability that is infectious. But acting can only take you so far in a feature film. There has to be an engaging story with some sort of arc that keeps the audience in tune and I do not see that here. Maybe we will get to see more in future trailers, but for right now I am skipping this one.
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