21 Times Boobs Got Super in the Comics

Sorry, I ain’t gonna beat around the bush with this article, or it’s title.

Through all my “WTF moments in the comics” article writing adventures, one thing has remained loud and clear.

All comic book writers are perverts! And that is perfectly fine with me!

I can imagine you just want to get to the chi-chi’s and want me to stop typing. So, without further ado, here are the bestest breastseses of the comics, and the names attached to them. Just barely. Because seriously, there’s not much there to attach to.

And maybe a cinematic counterpart, if they exist!

1. Black Widow


And this-

ScarJo’s sweater kittens should each get an Oscar for their performances!

2. Poison Ivy

Even The Batman is taken aback

Oh...didn't see Robin there

Oh…didn’t see Robin there


3. Wonder Woman

They grew!

4. Emma Frost

First class! All the way!

5. Black Canary

Yep, that’ll do.

6. Elektra


And filmed

7. Harley Quinn

Not so much for this-

But for THIS-

8. Catwoman

Best part of the movie!

Wish we could see ’em…

Okay, time to get serious here.

9. Power Girl

10. Starfire

11. Sue Storm

12. Power Girl again

13. Psylocke

Apocalips, hips, and pinch pots-

14. Lady Death

15. She-Hulk

16. Supergirl

Just kidding, it’s another Power Girl-

17. Big Barda

never heard of her, and i really don't care!

never heard of her, and i really don’t care!

18. Jade

19. Silver Sable

20. Tarot



We’ll end this trip down mammary lane with…

21. Spider Woman!