22 Years On And The Cast Of ‘Interview With A Vampire’ Are Still Killing It

Hypnotic, sexy, scary, haunting and deeply, darkly, funny, Neil Jordan’s Interview with a Vampire waltzed into our lives over two decades ago and scenes of the moody adaptation of Anne Rice’s novel — such as Tom Cruise slitting the throat of a rat and letting the blood drip into a wine glass — are still burned into our retinas.

Framed by a present day interview, Interview with a Vampire chronicles the transformation of Louis into a vampire in the late 1700’s. Brimming with aristocrats, splendid outfits and gore galore, this ’90s classic is — upsettingly — currently .

A revamp which, IMO, is — I mean, how could they top this cast?!

Louis — Brad Pitt


Best quote: “But the world was a tomb to me, a graveyard of broken statues, and each of those statues resembled her face.”

Lestat — Tom Cruise


Best quote: “Come to New Orleans, then. The Paris Opera’s in town. We can try some French cuisine.”

Claudia — Kirsten Dunst


Best quote:

“Louis: Vampires pretending to be humans, pretending to be vampires.

Claudia: How avant-garde.”

Armand — Antonio Banderas


Best quote: “The world changes, we do not, there lies the irony that finally kills us.”

Malloy — Christian Slater

Best quote: “You said you were waiting for me. What were you going to do? Kill me, drink my blood, all of that stuff?”

Statiago — Stephen Rea

Best quote: “Death is no respector of age, it can come at any time, any place.”

Which vamp do you think has the most bite?


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