3 Possibilities For Henry Cavill’s ‘Justice League’ Suit

Today was a big day for Superman fans everywhere. Fans have been trying to figure out if Superman (Henry Cavill) made it out of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice alive and now we have a definitive answer: more or less.

To definitively answer the question of Superman surviving Dawn of Justice, Henry Cavill himself teased his costume from Justice League today through Cavill’s own Instagram account. The image doesn’t leave much to the imagination, but we can begin to make some pretty solid guesses as to what kind of super-suit Henry Cavill will don in Justice League Part One.

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The image itself is quite noteworthy since there are some intricate designs in the close up of the suit. It appears to be unlike either suit worn by Henry Cavill in Man of Steel or Dawn of Justice. There isn’t enough evidence to make a definitive conclusion as to the type of suit Superman (Henry Cavill) will wear, but some fans have gone on to speculate that the new suit will be an entirely black suit.

DC Comics’ History Of ‘Death Of Superman’ Costume

In DC Comics, Superman’s image was completely revamped after he apparently died in battle against Doomsday — much like how the events of Dawn of Justice played out. After his resurrection, Superman’s new suit was completely black with some subtle silver finishing and he brandished a long mane of hair (and goatee in some iterations of the character).

Despite the theories of Henry Cavill’s suit in Justice League Part One being an entirely black suit consisting of the same design of his past suits, his new suit will probably be much different than what fans are expecting to see. There is also a possibility that Henry Cavill will don a black suit during Justice League Part One, but there’s even more potential for a completely new design to be made specifically for Superman in Justice League Part One.

We could spend all day guessing and theorizing on which DC Comics’ costume Henry Cavill will don in Justice League Part One, but there are probably only three plausible choices and one wild-card that some fans might agree with. Here are the three most plausible costumes for Superman to don in Justice League Part One.

1. ‘Death Of Superman’ Black Suit

Probably the most predictable candidate for Henry Cavill’s new Superman suit. The events of Dawn of Justice did mirror the same DC Comics event, which saw the apparent death of Superman and his resurrection in a black suit, outlined with silver trimmings. However, not every comic book event will be mirrored on-screen, including Superman’s resurrection in a black suit.

2. ‘Superman Beyond’ Suit

The Superman Beyond suit made its way into DC Comics after the Batman Beyond comic run began. The suit was originally worn by Superman a.k.a. Kal-El as he approached old age, and looks very similar to the “Death of Superman” suit, aside from the centered logo. No information was ever revealed in regards to the origin of Superman’s suit, but some have gone on to theorize that within the Batman Beyond universe, Superman has died in the past and continued on with a black-laden suit after the resurrection phase.

3. ‘World Of New Krypton’ Suit

In the very strange universe of DC Comics where Zod is no longer a power hungry dictator and a New Krypton has been established, Superman resides on New Krypton as Commander El alongside Zod, Alura, and the rest of the living Kryptonians. On the planet of New Krypton, Superman a.k.a. Kal-El is given a uniform as he’s part of the military guild. Superman’s New Krypton suit also shares a lot of similarities with the “Death of Superman” suit, as well as the Superman Beyond suit — the suit also shares quite a few similarities with a mystery black suit seen in some of the behind-the-scenes photos on the set of Justice League Part One.

Is that Superman's black suit?
Is that Superman’s black suit?

4. Ancient Kryptonian Armor

There may be some difficulty in obtaining an ancient Kryptonian armor for Superman, but he may need it just to survive. If Superman (Cavill) was indeed affected by his apparent death during Dawn of Justice, then it’s reasonable to assume that Superman might require the assistance of an ancient Kryptonian armor in order to fight side-by-side with the rest of the Justice League. Superman’s recent setback might have irreparably damaged his body for good, calling for a Kryptonian armor as a necessity more than an accessory.

Fan art, Superman in Krypt. Armor.

Fan art, Superman in Krypt. Armor.

The tease that came from Cavill earlier today confirms that Superman is back from the dead in Justice League Part One, but will he be the same Superman? Is it possible that Superman might return from the grave without the full extent of his power? And the only way to stand on equal footing with new adversaries is to use the same Kryptonian armor used by his father, Jor-El. But now you’re thinking: “Where is Superman going to get an ancient Kryptonian armor from?”

Well, the Kryptonian armor that belonged to Jor-El was aboard the Fortress of Solitude during Man of Steel. It’s possible that Superman will recover the Kryptonian armor from the government agency who commandeered the Fortress of Solitude during the post-credits scene of Dawn of Justice, which saw the Fortress taken over by government soldiers. In that scenario, it would be very believable to assume that Superman’s new suit in Justice League Part One will be a mash-up between his father’s ancient Kryptonian armor and a new design created to correspond with the Justice League film.

The big kicker that backs up the theory of Henry Cavill wearing a Kryptonian armor as Superman during Justice League Part One are the similarities between Jor-El’s battle armor and the designs from Henry Cavill’s earlier tease of his Justice League costume.

As you can see, the designs of Jor-El’s armor are very much alike to the designs shown in Henry Cavill’s tease from earlier today. More specifically, the scaled armor, which is an underlining layer on Jor-El’s armor, shares a similar type of design to the aforementioned image provided by Henry Cavill. Both designs have intricate artwork, as well as some interweaving designs that are unalike to any of Henry Cavill’s past costumes as Superman.

Which Costume Should Henry Cavill Wear During Justice League Part One?

What do you think? Which costume should Henry Cavill wear in the upcoming Justice League Part One? Should Henry Cavill take on the presumable “Death of Superman” suit or should the general concept behind the suit be revamped to include a necessary layer of armor in order to keep Superman safe in dangerous bouts? Or, would Justice League Part One benefit from an entirely original costume for Superman, much like the past Superman costumes in Man of Steel and Dawn of Justice? Or, do you want to see something different, something along the lines of the “New Krypton” costume or the Superman Beyond costume, both of which share similarities with the “Death of Superman” costume? Have any thoughts, leave them in the comments section below.

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