4 Iron Man Comic Book Suits We Want To See Tony Stark Wearing In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

The — a.k.a. the MCU — has reached dizzying heights since 2008, and it’s no secret that Robert Downey Jr.’s take on the “genius billionaire playboy philanthropist” Tony Stark/Iron Man fueled the imagination of fans and launched a thousand ships when Iron Man kick-started it all eight years ago.

This year’s , and the character’s popularity is still holding stronger than ever. We’ve previously broken down , but there’s still many pieces of the Iron Man yet to be carried over from the comics.

Here’s just a few of the Iron Man suits from the pages of Marvel Comics that we’d love to see making an appearance in the MCU.

1. Model 21: The Plastic Ghost (Stealth Armor)

Introduced in: Black Panther Vol 3 #44 (2002)

The Plastic Ghost [Black Panther Vol 3 #45]
The Plastic Ghost [Black Panther Vol 3 #45]

The Model 21 Stealth Armor — also known as the Plastic Ghost Armor — is a pretty unique set of threads, as it was the first to be entirely polymer-based and completely non-metallic.

Tony Stark became all but invisible when wearing this suit: it used a holographic screen-based covering and optical fibers to achieve near perfect cloaking, and a noise reduction system enabled Tony to move silently when wearing the Model 21.

Unfortunately it didn’t really hold up, as the delicate coating of the suit meant it was easily damaged by corrosive materials, damaging the cloaking ability. But we’re sure he could find a new way around that.

Odds Of Seeing The Plastic Ghost In The MCU

"Tony" battles Black Panther [Black Panther Vol 3 #45]
“Tony” battles Black Panther [Black Panther Vol 3 #45]

Tony created the Model 21 specifically to combat T’Challa/Black Panther, so it’s entirely possible that we could see it coming into the MCU at some point in the future.

*spoilers* The events of left the fugitive Bucky Barnes hidden away in a Wakandian freezer under the care of Black Panther, so if Tony decides he still wants Bucky to pay for the death of his parents, it could come to fisticuffs between the two there.

2. Model 38: Bleeding Edge

Introduced in: The Invincible Iron Man Vol 5 #25 (2010)

The Bleeding Edge Armor assembles [The Invincible Iron Man Vol 5]
The Bleeding Edge Armor assembles [The Invincible Iron Man Vol 5]

The Bleeding Edge was the next step in the evolution of the famous Extremis armor, introduced in the graphic novel of the same name in 2005 when Tony dosed himself with the Extremis serum in order to save his life and “upgrade” himself.

The Extremis armor was created with summoning technology, which allowed the individual pieces of the suit to automatically assemble around Tony’s body — similar to the summoning bracelet he uses in The Avengers. The Bleeding Edge took the automatic concept and ran with it even further, with Tony building an incredibly strong nanotech suit that he was able to store within his own body. Yikes.

The Bleeding Edge nano-bots were super-compressed and stored within the hollows of Tony’s bones, assembling when summoned to form around his body. It’s also been shown to be able to take the form of clothes, various armors and even that of other people.

Odds Of Seeing The Bleeding Edge In The MCU

[The Invincible Iron Man Vol 5]

[The Invincible Iron Man Vol 5]

The design of the Bleeding Edge was actually modelled of off Tony’s suit in the first Iron Man film, and the armor he wore in closely resembled the design of the Bleeding Edge. Though this would be amazing to see properly on screen, perhaps more likely for the MCU is the Model 51: which first appeared in 2015’s Invincible Iron Man Vol. 2 #1.

The Model 51 was Tony’s most adaptable armor yet, able to change size, shape and color at his command. It was also the most portable — able to be sorted inside a bracelet worn on Tony’s wrist when not in use.

3. Model 50: The Endo-Sym Armor

Introduced in: Superior Iron Man #1 (2015)

[Superior Iron Man #1]
[Superior Iron Man #1]

Remember Venom? No, not the Spider-Man 3 version (yikes), the comic book version who was exponentially more badass and antagonistic than his on-screen counterpart. The Endo-Sym Armor was modeled after the Venom symbiote and his Carnage counterpart.

Following the events of “Axis”, Tony Stark became morally compromised and even more of a dick than usual (an evil dick, the worst kind). Superior Iron Man kicked off with him creating the Endo-Sym armor, comprised of a liquid smart-metal that could alter its form at will, hardening around Tony’s body as it assembled.

The Endo-Sym was controlled psionically via Tony’s thoughts, linking the two together in a manner similar to the Mark XLII of Iron Man 3 — which subconsciously came to Tony’s rescue when he was having a traumatic flashback in the form of a nightmare. In this way, Tony often referred to it as being “alive”. Creepy? Yes. Super cool? Hell yes.

Odds Of Seeing The Endo-Sym Armor In The MCU

Tony dons the Endo-Sym Armor [Superior Iron Man #1]
Tony dons the Endo-Sym Armor [Superior Iron Man #1]

Up until last year it wasn’t all that likely that we’d see the Endo-Sym ever making an appearance, given that it was based on the symbiote lifeforms better known as part of the Spider-Man Universe, which up until recently was owned by Sony.

But the Sony/Marvel rights deal —ar which opened the door for Tom Holland to join the MCU as Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War — means that as his character progresses. Fingers crossed.

4. The Sorcerer Armor

Introduced in: What If? Vol 2 #113 (1998)

The Sorcerer Armor [What If? Vol 2 #113]
The Sorcerer Armor [What If? Vol 2 #113]

Some context: Marvel’s What If? series exist outside of continuity, little side drabbles asking the question: what if? Issue 113 asks, What if Tony Stark became the Sorcerer Supreme, instead of ?

On Earth-9810 Tony Stark is the one who causes the accident that damages Stephen Strange’s hands, and he seeks out the Ancient One in order to find a cure. Once in Tibet he ends up training under the Ancient One in place of Strange, and becomes the Sorcerer Supreme — Iron Man suit and all.

Tony as the Sorcerer Supreme [What If? Vol 2 #113]
Tony as the Sorcerer Supreme [What If? Vol 2 #113]

The Sorcerer Armor balances magic with science, and consists of mysterious pieces of armor given to Tony by the all-power Vishanti deities, collected from various dimensions (dimension-hopping is Strange’s jam).

The Eye of Agamotto is attached to the chest-plate in place of the traditional arc reactor, and the interactive interface housed a library of spells and counter spells.

Casting a spell [What If? Vol 2 #113]
Casting a spell [What If? Vol 2 #113]

Odds Of Seeing The Sorcerer Armor In The MCU

Okay, let’s be honest, this is probably never going to happen in the MCU, what with Benedict Cumberbatch stepping into the Sorcerer Supreme’s shoes later this year in Doctor Strange. But just look at it! It’s a perfect storm of madness and brilliance. Tony rocks the blue too.

So, no Sorcerer Armor. But maybe if we’re really lucky we’ll get to see some Awesome Facial Hair Bros instead.

Invincible Iron Man (2015)

Invincible Iron Man (2015)

Which Iron Man armor do you want to see in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


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