5 Awesome Things You Might Have Missed From Season 1, Episode 7 Of ‘Preacher’

Warning: This article contains spoilers from of Preacher. If you haven’t seen up to Episode 7 then I’d advise you to stop reading now, otherwise you may need to visit the preacher for some repentance.

The latest episode of Preacher proved to be one with so much heart-stopping action that it’s entirely possible you missed something important. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the most important moments that you might have missed from Season 1, Episode 7 of Preacher.

1. The Ambiguity Surrounding Genesis

Questioning Quincannon — why didn't it work?
Questioning Quincannon — why didn’t it work?

Jesse has used Genesis on multiple members of his congregation, and while it appears to be successful in the moment, there have been occasions when its effectiveness should be questioned. Quincannon, for example, is a strange individual at the best of times but I’m sure you noticed in recent episodes that despite originally succumbing to Genesis, the businessman seems to be able to defy the command of the preacher.

Several episodes ago, Quincannon agreed to “serve God” following Jesse’s Genesis-driven command. However over the course of subsequent episodes, he seems to have either become immune or the effects have worn off. Either way, it’s not looking good for Jesse as Quincannon is making a beeline for the preacher’s sacred land. Will Jesse be able to use his power again or has the businessman become immune to the commands of Genesis?

2. Cassidy’s Humanity

Cassidy appeals to Jesse's better nature.
Cassidy appeals to Jesse’s better nature.

He may overcompensate with Irish-centric jokes and his lovable personality, but Cassidy exhibited something far more important this week — his humanity. Despite being a blood-thirsty vampire, Cassidy was appalled at Jesse’s lack of remorse for . He appealed to the preacher’s better nature and throughout the episode exhibited genuine concern for his best friend.

Cassidy has also made his feelings for Tulip known in previous episodes, but from the moment he discovered her past with Jesse, he’s respected the boundary and refused to tell Jesse about what he did — he doesn’t want to hurt his friend. It’s incredibly notewothy that the vampire is arguably the most human character of them all.

3. Jesse Losing His Humanity

Jesse's losing himself.
Jesse’s losing himself.

As Cassidy proved his humanity in this week’s episode, we become less and less convinced that Jesse has any left. Firstly, Jesse was unrepentant about what he did to Eugene, brushing it off as an act of God.

It’s also important that he not only turned on his friends — some of whom know about Genesis — but he also refused to hold back when discussing a play that his parishioners were acting out. He was rather harsh in his criticism and questioned why they were smiling. Emily grew concerned and later he insulted her, telling her to leave.

Humanity is a key theme in Preacher, but with each passing episode it seems that Jesse is losing another little piece of his.

4. Jesse’s Infatuation With His Father’s Death

Does Genesis need Jesse or does Jesse need Genesis?
Does Genesis need Jesse or does Jesse need Genesis?

Jesse has relied on Genesis heavily in several episodes. In fact, when Deblanc and Fiore requested that he give Genesis back, he refused on the basis that he believes it’s God’s will. Moreover, when Cassidy confronted Jesse over his actions — — he argued that this was also part of God’s plan. Cassidy is bewildered by the preacher’s mindset, and quite frankly we can see why. Jesse’s actions have been rather questionable of late and despite the fact that he’s an avid believer in the Lord, this reliance on Genesis is becoming an issue. However, there is a possibility that we got some answers on this matter in “He’s Gone.”

The series of flashbacks taught us a lot, but there were two things that stood out — Jesse’s relationship with Tulip and his father’s death. What is perhaps most important is that the two are connected. Tulip and Jesse were childhood friends and even lived together at one point. After Jesse’s father contacted family services, Tulip was taken away and Jesse resented him for this — he prayed to God asking him to kill his father. Not long afterwards, a group of unidentified men entered the church and killed Jesse’s father right in front of him. Jesse was convinced that this was because he asked God for it to happen.

It’s entirely possible that Jesse feels remorse for what happened to his father — perhaps he blames himself for his father’s death and this is why he returned to Annville to preach at the church. It’s also entirely possible that this refusal to give up Genesis is linked to what happened to him as a child. As long as Jesse has Genesis, he can decide what will happen — the power is in his hands. When his father was murdered, the power was taken away from him or so he believed — God had intervened based on his prayers. Genesis allows Jesse to remain in control of the situation.

5. What Fate Lies Ahead For Cassidy?

Turning up the heat — Cassidy reveals his secret.
Turning up the heat — Cassidy reveals his secret.

In an incredibly shocking moment Cassidy risked is life (or death? — we don’t know much about the vampires in Preacher‘s universe yet) to highlight the errors of Jesse’s ways. Jesse’s realization that Cassidy is a vampire arrived as he watched his friend burn in front of him. The preacher was holding a fire extinguisher as he looked on but we did not get to see if Jesse extinguished the flames. Later, he refuses to answer Tulip when she asks about Cassidy’s whereabouts.

Is this the end of the road for our favorite friendly vampire? I hope not — we know very little about Cassidy or his heritage so it would be a completely missed opportunity if the preacher let him perish. Let’s hope he survives if only because Jesse needs a good kick in the ass and lets face it — the only one really capable of giving it to him is Cassidy.

Cassidy’s words are more than appropriate.

It was arguably the best episode yet as revelations finally came to light (sorry, bad pun) and more questions were raised. If you’re confused then you’re probably not the only one. I hope I made things a little clearer for you but as far as complete explanations can go —this is all we’ve got, I’m afraid you’re going to have to wait and see what happens in the next episode. Preacher may be heading toward but let’s hope next week’s episode can shed some light on the events that we have just seen.

Did you notice anything interesting in the latest episode of Preacher? Tell me in the comment section below!


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