5 Bats**t Crazy ‘Predator’ Crossovers That You Won’t Believe Actually Happened

The Predator film franchise doesn’t command the same respect that it used to, but director Shane Black is hoping to change all of that with , starting with .

It’s unfortunate that the franchise needs salvaging in the first place, but after the success of the first film, the team behind Predator went off the rails a bit, pitting the formidable hunters against the Xenomorphs from the Alien franchise at every given opportunity.

However, if you thought that Alien V Predator and it’s sequel Requiem were of the franchise, think again. Over the past 29 years, the galaxy’s most feared alien has hunted some bizarre and unexpected prey in the comics, including the likes of Superman and even Archie.

Dancing up a storm

Dancing up a storm

Don’t believe us? Read on to discover five batshit crazy Predator crossovers that you won’t believe actually exist.

1. Superman V Predator

Put on a shirt for gods sake!

Put on a shirt for gods sake!

When an ancient spacecraft crash lands in Central America, Superman is naturally sent to investigate, because he’s invulnerable and generally kicks ass. However, while exploring the site, Kal-El is suddenly afflicted with an alien virus that messes up his powers, weakening our hero at the worst possible time, just as a Predator begins to stalk him.

Superman is technically an alien too, so a fight between the Last Son of Krypton and the Predator isn’t as outlandish as it sounds, but the inter-company crossover between Dark Horse and DC is still a strange one, especially as the alien hunters would be no match for Kal-El on a good day.

2. Tarzan vs. Predator: At the Earth’s Core

What does 'snachkt' mean exactly?

What does ‘snachkt’ mean exactly?

Ok, this is where things start to get really weird.

Tarzan meets the alien race of Predators in a jungle hidden within the earth’s core, because, comics, and at one point, a pack of the extraterrestrial hunters even take down a T-Rex. Those things aren’t small, you know.

If the upcoming Legend of Tarzan movie flops, there may be a 0.009% chance that the Predator could pop up in the inevitable sequel. Hollywood does love it’s money. Just saying.

3. Archie Vs Predator

Really? Isn't anyone going to turn around?

Really? Isn’t anyone going to turn around?

Ok, we take it back. This is where things actually get really weird and super messed up.

The Archie and Predator properties might not seem like an obvious choice to combine, but nonetheless, here we are with four comics that feature the alien slowly hunting and killing the likes of Dilton and Jughead before critically wounding Archie himself.

What makes this all the more disturbing is the fact that the artists depict the gruesome acts of violence and mutilation using the cutesy Archie-style artwork that we’ve come to associate with far happier times.

4. Predator V Judge Dredd

You're not so hot yourself, Dredd.

You’re not so hot yourself, Dredd.

The Predators have always enjoyed a challenge, hunting the most dangerous prey in the galaxy to prove who’s the best, but even they must be pretty brave to take on the judges of Mega City.

At first, the Predators begin collecting the judges’ heads with relative ease, but when Judge Dredd steps into the fray, all bets are off. The two may be relatively well-matched, but the randomness of this particular crossover still earned it a place on the list.

5. Batman V Predator

Say 'Uncle'!

Say ‘Uncle’!

No one picks up a comic titled Batman V Predator for it’s intricate narrative. All we want to see is Bruce Wayne and some alien freaks bash each other’s brains in and that’s exactly what we’re given here.

Highlights of the battle include Alfred shooting a Predator with an old-fashioned blunderbuss and Batman himself beating the Predator with a baseball bat. Fortunately, Bruce’s mother had a different name to the alien’s mother, so the fight lasted for considerably longer than the central battle of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.



Those of you who read this list to the end will be delighted to hear that we’ve included a bonus fan video, which pits Batman against a group of Predators as well as the alien xenomorphs and even the Joker too.

Batman: Dead End is surprisingly good for a fan film, gaining a strong internet following after it was screened at Comic-Con, so make sure you check it out, if only to see the late Andrew Koenig’s impressive take on the Joker.

Which ridiculous Predator crossover is your favourite?



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