5 Crazy Moments From The ‘Mr. Robot’ Season 2 Premiere Episode

Warning: Hello, friend. You probably know why you’re here, but if you don’t let me remind you that this article contains major spoilers from the season premiere of Mr. Robot. if you haven’t caught up then I’d advise you return to the previous page. I trust you.

has returned for its much anticipated second season and, in typical Mr. Robot style, the action-packed double episode was full of mind boggling moments that just need to be discussed. Let’s take a look at five of the craziest moments from the first two episodes.

1. Elliot And Mr. Robot Face Off

Who's in control? Mr Robot confronts Elliot.
Who’s in control? Mr Robot confronts Elliot.

Although Mr. Robot tends to spend a lot of time on “saving the world,” the best scenes often consist of subtle conversations between two characters. Mr. Robot continued to rear his ugly head in Elliot’s subconscious, which was sending Elliot further down the path of insanity. The two faced off as Mr. Robot proceeded to tell Elliot that he is the one who is in control.

Rami Malek highlights his phenomenal acting skills in this scene as Elliot begins to freakishly laugh — this terrifies Mr. Robot as he realizes that perhaps he doesn’t have as much control as he thought. Elliot has moved on from the world of Fsociety and is attempting to make life more bearable for himself. Unfortunately the continued appearance of Mr. Robot is causing him to question what is real and what is not.

2. End Of The Road For Gideon

End of the road? Gideon is a victim.
End of the road? Gideon is a victim.

Poor Gideon is the victim of his own environment — always trying to do the right thing but unfortunately it never seems to go his way. The season premiere saw him used as a scapegoat — a message. A man approaches Gideon, who is lost in thought, sitting at the bar. After the unknown man attempts to converse with Gideon about the revolution and Fsociety, he pulls out a fire arm and shoots Gideon in the neck, arguing that this act of violence was necessary, that it will allow him to be seen as a hero.

We were left with the image of Gideon bleeding out on the floor. Unfortunately Gideon ended up a victim of this revolution. He was one of the good guys. Despite the fact that Elliot was acting out of the best intentions when he got involved with Fsociety, Gideon’s blood is on his hands, as it’s Elliot’s fault that Gideon was put in this position.

3. Fsociety Step Up Their Game

Into the flames — Fsociety strikes again.
Into the flames — Fsociety strikes again.

The task may have been completed last season, but the mission is far from over for the gang from Fsociety as they continue to restore order in the world. Headed by Darlene, the hackers step up their game and requests $5.9 million from E-Corp — if they refuse, then Fsociety will infect their computer network.

E-Corp co-operates and Scott nominates himself for the task. When Scott makes the drop he receives orders from Fsociety to put on the hackers’ own infamous mask and burn the money in public — Fsociety never wanted the money, they were making a statement — and everybody is listening.

4. Elliot Initiates The Attack

That fateful night — Elliot initiates the attack.
That fateful night — Elliot initiates the attack.

Because of the time jump last season, we had no idea what or who initiated the attack on E-Corp’s back-up facilities. However, we finally got the answers we were looking for in the season premiere as the episode begins with the events of that fateful night. At the arcade, a rather inspired Tyrell Wellick watches as Elliot works at his computer. Elliot tells Tyrell that he has done it — the attack has begun.

As Tyrell looks overwhelmed, Elliot reaches into the popcorn machine before we cut to the credits. If we remember back to the first season, Darlene hid a gun in that same popcorn machine, so did Elliot kill Tyrell?

5. Tyrell’s Alive

Hello? Who is the caller?
Hello? Who is the caller?

The question thats been plaguing viewers since last year was finally answered tonight — at least we think it was. Elliot blacks out and when he comes to he is holding a telephone. As the receiver becomes a little fuzzy, Elliot becomes aware that there is someone on the line. After saying “Hello,” the caller replies — it’s Tyrell.

As this is Mr. Robot we are talking about, we cannot be certain that this is the present day — for all we know it could be a flashback. However, as it took place at the very end of the episode I think it’s safe to presume that Tyrell Wellick is very much alive. But what now?

, but there is no doubt that the show is as strong as ever. Don’t be worried if you’re a little confused, you’re definitely not the only one. All will be explained as we head into what is set to be an explosive season. Stay close, friend, the mission is not over.

You’re not alone, friend.

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