5 Disgustingly Brutal SFX Gore Profiles To Follow On Instagram

It’s truly amazing what normal folks can do with a little makeup these days. From totally transforming yourself into a comic book superhero, to creating mind-blowing special effects using just a sponge and makeup brush, the artists of Instagram are truly talented. But push the boundaries of what’s possible and before you know it you’ve ventured into some of the most realistic, disgusting and brutal creations allowed on the app.

These insane special effects are so good, and so gory it’ll have you wondering if it’s really all fake.

1. Marc Clancy ( )

A photo posted by Marc Clancy (@powdah) on

This dudes work is insane. Self-taught special effects artist Marc Clancy has been sharing his, er, art on Instagram for last couple of years and has made a name for himself in the world of gore FX, and for good reason.

4. Zoe Armstrong ( )

A photo posted by Zoe Armstrong SFX (@zoearmstrongsfx) on

New Zealander Zoe Armstrong making me feel all gross with her variety of awesome gore effects.

3. Francois Dagenais ( )

A photo posted by Francois Dagenais (@mindwarpfx) on

MindWarp productions of a Toronto-based SFX studio run by Francois Dagenais. The variety and brutality of the work these guys produce is unparalleled.

4. Cuts With Guts ( )

A photo posted by Self Taught (@cuts_with_guts) on

This self-taught teen is fairly unknown but seriously talented.

5. Gory But Lovely ( )

A photo posted by SFX Makeup (@gorybutlovely) on

So twisted but so awesome!

Which brutal SFX gore accounts are you following?


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