5 F****d Up Gore Movies You’ve Never Seen

The dedicated horror fan can have a tough time finding enough gore — if that’s what you want, of course! If you just need your gore taken to the l — maybe you’ve run out of , you’ve exhausted the or you just adore movies — then check out five obscure, marvelously audacious gore movies you’ve never seen before.

1. The Flesh Eaters

Released: 1964

Director: Jack Curtis

2. I Drink Your Blood

”Men become animals and eat their victims… A young boy infects an entire town with rabies! You will ask yourself, what acts of sadism will this electric knife be used for?”

Released: 1970

Director: David E. Durston

A band of Satanist hippies led by the deranged Horace Bones

3. They Don’t Cut Grass Anymore

Released: 1985

Director: Nathan Schiff

4. Video Violence

”This town has a strange preoccupation with violence – the only thing we seem to rent are gory horror movies! The big thing to do Saturday night is to sit in front of the tube and watch people getting killed.”

Released: 1987

Director: Gary P. Cohen

5. Cannibal Campout

Released: 1988

Director: Tom Fisher & Jon Mcbride

Can you recommend any obscure gore movies to horror fans?



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