5 JAWSome Modern Shark Movies For Bloody Aquatic Fun

Since Jaws hit the big screen, we’ve all been afraid to go back in the water. She may only be a fish, but this many-toothed piscine beast has been shitting us up good and proper since 1975. Over forty years later, the shark holds a special place in the heart of horror fans, and the shark movie is still going strong. This one’s for all you fans of out there.

1. Deep Blue Sea

Released: 1999

Type of Shark: GM Mako sharks

When will horror movie characters learn that meddling with genetic modification never ends well? Hopefully never, for DNA-splicing movies are always great fun, and this joy reaches its campy zenith with Deep Blue Sea. Included: one of the most marvelously .

2. Open Water

Released: 2003

Type of Shark: Caribbean reef shark

After a perfunctory head count of those on board, a diving vessel accidentally leaves Susan and her boyfriend Daniel adrift in the warm yet shark infested waters of the Caribbean. Open Water manages to keep the action pacy despite a very simple storyline and only two characters — well, three, if you count the shark — producing an admirable survival horror in the style of Backcountry, 247°F or Frozen.

3. Sharknado

Released: 2013

Type of Shark: Tornadoes full of sharks

It’s not big and it’s not clever, but Syfy’s straight-to-TV blend of killer sharks and extreme weather pulled in as many laughs as it did memorable action scenes. Sharknado 2: The Second One, Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! and the forthcoming Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens await for those charmed by this amusingly deranged franchise.

4. Shark Night

Released: 2011

Type of Shark: Cookiecutter, Hammerhead, Great White, Sand Tiger and Bull sharks

OK, so the horror here is tempered with comedy, but Shark Night pulls off the same excessively gory laughs as Piranha 3D, and with the producers of Hostel and the director of Final Destination behind it, Shark Night was always going to be on the right side of non-serious thrills. A cornucopia of shark species gleefully drag a bunch of hapless hotties to their watery graves in this thoroughly enjoyable romp.

5. The Shallows

Released: 2016

Type of Shark: Great White shark

Gossip Girl‘s Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) is all grown up, now a tough pro-surfer forced to take on a hella big great white shark in a holiday from hell. Maybe the hungry predator is some relation to Jaws herself? Devoid of enormous teeth of her own, our heroine’s quick thinking and smart tactics our her only weapons in this slick, tense thriller.

Bonus: MEG

Projected release: March 2, 2018

Type of Shark: Megalodon

This is no ordinary shark. The Megalodon — an ancient predecessor to the great white, thought to have grown to around 60 feet long. Despite watching safe in the knowledge that this toothy beast lived over 20 million years ago, the modern audience will still be scared by the big fish — if it’s done right. Fans were disappointed when gorenographer Eli Roth , but action movie veteran should give the Cenozoic creature a swim for its money.

What’s your favorite shark movie of the last 20 years?

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