5 Plot Lines For The Avengers After ‘Infinity War’

Marvel’s Phase Three has only just got under way, with the release of Captain America: Civil War, and already Marvel has dropped another surprise for their Phase Three line-up. In a joint announcement released by both Marvel, and the directing brothers Joe and Anthony Russo, it was announced that the titles to the third and forth Avenger’s films, which were originally set to be Infinity War Part I and Part II, were in the works to be changed. Since the announcement, fans have been quick to notice that the Part I and Part II segments of the title have disappeared, and that there is now an Avengers: Infinity War and a follow up film which has since been labeled Untitled Avengers Sequel. Up to the point of Infinity War, the Avengers have been subtly building up to their clash with Thanos, which was originally scripted to last two films. The Untitled Avengers Sequel has yet to be scrapped though, which has left fans wondering as to what major Avengers event will occur after their battle with Thnaos cumulates in Infinity War. Unfortunately we do not have the answer, and it is damn near impossible to guess, given that The Avengers have had countless iconic adventures existing in the Marvel Universe. We do however have five classic Avengers story arcs that could prove to be phenomenal follow ups to Infinity War, and continue the saga of The Avengers far into the future.

5. Secret Avengers

The story arc known as Secret Avengers took an entirely different look at The Avengers, completely taking them out of the public eye, and instead turning them into a black ops team. The story starts with the President abolishing the Superhuman Registration Act, which acted as the catalyst to the Civil War conflict, and follows with suite by promptly appointing Steve Rogers to the head of security. Recognizing that The Avengers are still needed, Rogers forms his own team to operate strictly under the veil of secrecy. A Secret Avengers arc would be an excellent tie in to following the events of Infinity War, and could also capitalize on Cap’s own Avengers team, who fought beside him in Civil War. The film could easily introduce a new team dynamic, as well as new chemistry by teaming a very diverse group that has otherwise had very little contact with one another. Secret Wars could thrive on allowing more development on its overshadowed characters, such as The Falcon and Scarlet Witch, while also introducing a new tone, team, and chapter for The avengers.

4. New Avengers

The New Avengers story arc began shortly after an event that Marvel aficionados know well as The House of M. To avoid jumping into that story arc, all one needs to know is that an event so catastrophic happens that it actually forces The Avengers to call it quits. In the wake of the dissembling of The Avengers, The New Avengers arc kicks off with a massive prison break at a S.H.I.E.L.D. super criminal prison, known as the Raft. In response to the prison break, several heroes including Captain America, Iron Man, Luke Cage, Spider-Man and Spider-Woman all coincidentally end up on the scene, thus spawning the team known as the New Avengers. In addition to these heroes, Wolverine and the vastly unknown hero The Sentry join the team, as they track down the many escaped super criminals, which is only a small part of an even bigger conspiracy. As fantastic as The New Avengers story arc is, a film adaption could also accomplish the task of reuniting Marvel’s heroes all in one Universe by including Wolverine and Luke Cage, as well as creating an entirely new team to continue on as The Avengers. After the events of Civil War left The Avengers shattered, there would be no better time to introduce a brand new team of heroes who had no part to play in the conflict.

3. Avengers Siege

Few events in The Marvel Universe can compare to the Infinity War, but an adaption of The Avengers Siege story arc could prove to be bigger and better than the entirety of The Infinity War. The plot of Siege not only involves the entirety of The Avengers, but also Asgard, as Loki, Ares, and Norman Osborn all plot a takeover of Asgard when the heaven arrives on Earth. The comic’s crowning moment comes when it introduces the Dark Avengers, a team of well known super-villains who pose as Avengers, including Bullseye as Hawkeye, and Venom as Spider-Man. The Avengers facing their super-villain counterparts could be the grandest face off showcased in an Avengers film, and the battle scenes that take place on Asgard between the Gods and the Dark Avengers would be nothing short of extraordinary when transferred to film. The adaption of Siege could be could be a second event to reunite the entire Avengers team, and the intriguing plot mixed with the introduction of the Dark Avengers would drive critics and fans wild. In the event that The current Avengers call it quits once the world is safe in the wake of Infinity War, Siege would be a legitimate cause that could reunite the team to its original roots, while still allowing an iconic story to be told in the process.

2. The Kang Dynasty

Throughout the history of The Avengers there have been many who have attempted to take over the world, including Ultron, Loki, and Thanos as we have recently seen, but the only one to successfully succeed is Kang. The story arc titled The Kang Dynasty sees an alien being known as Kang arrive on Earth with the initial hope to create a better future. When the alien discovers that humanity could hinder his vision though, he instead plots to take over the world, establishing armies of villains to invade countries of power. This story arc is iconic for the fact that it actually sees heroes fall and the villain actually win for a while. An adaption of The Kang Dynasty could feature any number of heroes, including the Guardians of the Galaxy, while also creating an event that no superhero film could compare to. The Kang Dynasty became such an iconic title for showing Earths Mightiest Heroes in their weakest moments, as well as their strongest, and Captain America’s final confrontation with Kang is awe inspiring to say the least. In the end an adaption of The Kang Dynasty could prove to be the best Avengers arc set to film.

1. Young Avengers

While all the possibilities mentioned so far have all involved the Avengers reuniting, an adaption of The Young Avengers story arc could be a complete reboot for the series. The Young Avengers are exactly as they sound, a team of young heroes who bare strong resemblance to The Avengers, including Stature, the daughter of Ant-Man, who shares his ability to grow to giant size, Wiccan, whose reality altering abilities are similar to that of Scarlet Witch, and Kate Bishop, who takes the mantel of Hawkeye. Although the idea of adding the Young Avengers team into the mix may not seem as appealing as reuniting the original team, the Young Avengers alongside their Avengers counterparts could still prove to be a great story for The Avengers franchise. An adaption of Young Avengers could dually showcase The Avengers training their younger counterparts, whether reluctantly or not, while also building a completely original story that could masterfully showcase both teams to their full potential, and fighting alongside each other.

What’s your favorite Avengers story arc that you want to see on the big screen after Infinity War? Let us know in the comments.


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