5 Predictions Ahead of ‘The Flash’ Season 2 Finale

THERE WILL BE SPOILERS FOR THE FLASH ‘RUNAWAY DINOSAUR’We’re one episode away until the season finale of CW’s The Flash! Last Tuesday, we watched the phenomenal ‘Runaway Dinosaur’ and saw our first glimpse of Zoom’s Meta-human army. Kevin Smith, who directed the latest episode had some interesting words about the season finale on his Podcast called ‘Fatman on Batman’:

“They got the breakdown of what the last two episodes are, and there was something that happened in the episode after mine – and it includes [Sears] in a big, bad way, and I was like [pained screams]. I wished that I was directing it because it is mad genius! It’s the finale of the episode right after mine, so like the penultimate episode.

“I saw that breakdown and was like [gasp]. And then for what they decided to do for the absolute finale… it was kind of mad s*** as well. It’s crazy. Like this is a show that ends BIG. Last season they ended on that huge high note where [Jay Garrick’s] hat comes through at the end… It felt like that season finale was huge. It feels like the last three episodes of this [season], and I’m not throwing mine in for ego or anything like that, but the storyline that happens in that episode, the Barry stuff, is really crucial to the last two episodes so it feels like a triumvirate of episodes. Ends insanely, insanely strong.”

“When I saw that last sheet I was like ‘How do you follow this up?’ It’s not like drop the mic, cancel the show, but it’s such a weird pivot moment in Season 2, it’s something most cats would do in like… Season 5?

“They must have had a conversation where they were like ‘If we’re going to do this, what happens when we land?’ Because the jump is glorious… They make bold, creative writing choices over there, and this is absolutely one of the boldest.”

We spend a lot of time with, Barry Allen, throughout the course of a season. We’re extremely fond of the speedster and I’d like to see him stick around. I’m not quite sure what he’s talking about when he’d mentioned Season 5 in his Podcast, but I hope it’s not some untimely death or something like that. Here are 5 thoughts I have about the upcoming finale.1. SOMEONE IMPORTANT WILL DIE

That’s right, Three Men and A Flash are no more. When Henry told Barry that he was moving back to Central City, all I could think about were how many ways Zoom could kill him. Seriously, who else could it be? The writers have already shown they don’t need him throughout the season. Who else has the same dramatic weight to them and could be considered expendable? Now, I’m not sure if my fondness for Joe and Harry is clouding my judgement, but this makes sense.2. IS WALLY A SPEEDSTER?

Do you remember back when Wally visited Team Flash at the club in ‘Trajectory’? It was curious the way Jesse’s Speedster Detector kept going off in the general vicinity of Wally. I know, Barry was right there and that’s the logical conclusion, but we’re dealing with The Flash. The show has done a fairly good job setting up Wally’s heroism whenever he becomes a card carrying member of the Speed Force. I actually like Wally West quite a bit and I am looking forward to his glory days!Obviously, Jesse Wells is a speedster now and we’re unsure of Wally’s fate at this point of time. Let’s see: Zoom has a f**king Meta-human army and is intent to take over the world. Oliver is too busy with a Nuclear Fallout and The Legends are in 2166. They desperately need help fighting Zoom on all fronts and I wound’t be surprised if Wally’s there to help out. This is the main reason why I think, Mr. West, will be in the building come the finale.3. REALLY, SPEED FORCE, REALLY

The Speed Force gave Barry an ominous warning about Zoom. I’m not sure if the Speed Force has a Human Resource division, but why would they grant Zolomon’s access to Speedsters Utopia?I know, Zoom took Velocity-6 and his punishment was losing speed — and I’m not sure if that was purely science, or punishment for messing with the awesomeness known as a Star Wars ripoff (JK, this is my favorite show on Network Television!)?Barry seems more zen-like and that has to play a part in the upcoming episodes. The only logical conclusion is that the SF will grant Barry unlimited power to beat Zoom. I’m not sure?4. IRIS AND BARRY

I am totally rooting for this couple at the end of the season. I look forward to seeing how this plays out in the finale. Will Eddie be the man in the iron mask? Will something happen to Wally or Joe? Will Barry die in the finale? The writers are putting quite a lot of effort in this blossoming relationship. I expect nothing less than a dramatic cliffhanger to end the season!5. HOW WILL WILL IT SETUP NEXT SEASON?

I loved how last year’s season finale wrapped the main story and started another one. I hope the writers do this once again for the end of season 2! My only thoughts are simply: Will Barry travel into different universes? After his brief visit with Speed Force; one must expect him to be as fast as he was when he lost his speed to Zoom. Anything else would be counter-productive and remember what he did when he was using the Tachyon-Enhancer? He traveled into Supergirl’s territoy.I’m not sure why everyone thinks that it must be Jay Garrick behind the mask. It makes more sense if Jay Garrick was The Flash on a different universe and Barry will be making the rounds next season. Also, with the inclusion of Supergirl on The CW — she needs to join the main universe and this would be a way. Basically, this is the next step to the evolution of show. Am I sure? No. But I think this would be really cool to explore!

I’d love to hear what you think down in the comments section and may the Speed Force be with you!Source: Fatman on Batman