5 Reasons to Watch The Orignal Series if You Loved Star Trek Beyond

As a self-proclaimed Trekkie who thrives on the existence of Star Trek: The Original Series, I don’t think there is any excuse to not watch the show, but alas, it seems there are far too many humans who have not yet watched and been blessed by TOS. If you’re one of those people who has been following the franchise’s reboot (I’m jealous of anyone who has watched the third one already!), you’re already familiar with how fantastic the concept of Star Trek truly is. While it is possible to watch the movies without seeing The Original Series, here are five reasons why you will enjoy the series that started it all, Star Trek: The Original Series.

1. Back to the Roots

Star Trek: The Original Series is a beloved show and there is a reason that it was successfully rebooted. A simple curiosity or desire to see where the franchise you enjoy so much came from is an extremely legitimate reason to spend your time watching it.

2. Diverse Characters

The original characters whose modern counterparts you have connected with are just as if not more lovable. Not only that, the diversity of the crew was groundbreaking. For goodness sake, Kirk’s kiss with Uhura in the episode “Plato’s Stepchildren” caused a major controversy for being seen as the first interracial kiss on American television. The inclusion of Uhura, a minority woman as a main cast member wasn’t the only pioneering move as the main crew also had an Asian man and a Russian man, both bold moves for a show airing in the 1960s.

3. Educational Plot Lines

While the show could be extremely cheesy at times (but that really only adds to its charm), the writers sometimes not so subtly spoke out against the injustice prevalent in our society while creating fantastic stories of aliens and adventures in space. In “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield” two men chase each other across the galaxy, consumed by hate, simply because one is black on the left side and white on the right side while the other is black on the right side and white on the left. Sound like stupid reason to hate while your planet and families die? That was the point.

4. The Comedy

This series had its fair share of comedic episodes. Once you fall in love with the original crew, you will yearn to watch the laid-back light-heartedness found in episodes such as “Shore Leave,” “I, Mudd,” and the extremely iconic “The Trouble with Tribbles.” Who hasn’t heard of the cute reproducing furballs that caused mayhem aboard the Enterprise? In fact, Deep Space Nine aired a tribute episode Trials and Tribulations in which members of their crew traveled back in time to The Original Series episode.

5. The Original Spock

What a treat it was to have Leonard Nimoy appear in the 2009 Star Trek movie! When I first watched The Original Series, Spock quickly became my favorite character. With his unemotional demeanor, occasionally betrayed by his human half, his brilliance and intelligence, his unintentional sass and saracasm, and the alien quirk he brought to the crew, what was not to love? The character is iconic, and it is imperative that you watch TOS to see why.

There is absolutely no reason now for you not to watch Star Trek: The Original Series. Turn on Netflix (it’s all on there) and get ready to binge watch your new favorite show!


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