5 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching ‘Preacher’

You know the shows that everyone you know talk about? Shows like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead – shows that are discussed to death that you end up feeling a sense of urgency so you embark on a crusade to finally sit down and watch them. Yeah, we all know those shows. Preacher has already become one of those shows after only two episodes. So, having no knowledge of the comic book that it’s based on, I watched the first two episodes of Preacher and I must admit that I was rather surprised. I’m intrigued by the world that is being developed in each episode. It took a while to get into after a really slow start to the pilot episode, but it developed really well in the second half. Knowing essentially none of the source material, I can only go on what I saw on TV, so let me educate you with 6 reasons why you should give this supernatural comedy-drama series a shot!

1. Not all is as it seems

Admittedly, the pilot episode starts incredibly slow, but one thing that kept me enthralled throughout was the story. The storyline is set up in a really unique way, cutting back and forth between different locations with different characters. This alone was enough of a reason to keep me watching, as I wanted – no, needed – to find out where the storyline was possibly going. Moreover, not everything is what it seems, and there have already been several WTF moments where the plot has been totally turned upside down and has developed in a way that you never could have predicted. You’ll most certainly discover that everything not black and white in this world, there is much that doesn’t make sense yet and that’s why we must continue to watch – to see everything fall in to place.

2. The lead characters

The lead characters are brilliantly written, specifically Jesse Custer (played by Dominic Cooper). The emotional torment that Custer endures is what makes his story all the more interesting to watch. Not very much has been revealed about him to the viewing audience yet, but with each episode, a little bit more about him comes to light. We’re waiting for a full back story, which probably isn’t that far away. Cassidy – the Irish Vampire – is magnificent. His lines are wonderful, for such a broody dark show the writers have done a magnificent job with Cassidy as he often lightens the mood in extremely dark circumstances. Tulip – a strange girl from our preacher’s past – has provided several comedy gold moments thus far, and I look forward to seeing the story develop and learn just how these two know each other.

3. Dominic Cooper

Dominic Cooper will always be Howard Stark to me, but he plays a completely different role in Preacher. Easily the best thing about the show is Cooper’s performance – In fact, he is so good that I often forget it’s him in the role. Adopting the appropriate accent, his native British accent is totally disguised. Moreover, the dark broody nature of his character Jesse Custer is a far cry from the funny Howard Stark of Captain America: The First Avenger and Agent Carter. Arguably his defining role, Cooper is magnificent and has produced several Emmy worthy scenes already!

4. It’s not afraid to go to dark places

I’m not particularly one for gore, but there is no doubt that in some instances it’s necessary. Often, Preacher requires a little more than we probably should see on screen, but if it’s beneficial to the storyline, then why shouldn’t we see it? One particular scene in the second episode – if you’ve seen it, it’s the church scene – was perfectly ‘executed’ (poor choice of word on my part – I apologise) with the perfect blend of comedy and horror. There’s nothing worse than a network that’s too afraid to execute a scene as it should be but thankfully Preacher and AMC have managed to avoid this.