5 Reasons Wonder Woman Could Be The Best Movie In The DCEU

5 Reasons Wonder Woman Could Be The Best Movie In The DCEU by Kieran McLean , May 26th, 2016 at 12:25am Share on Facebook Share to TwitterAlthough the character Wonder Woman has appeared in comic books for 75 years, her origin and story has never been told on the big screen. Unlike Superman, Batman and many other heroes Wonder Woman is a character that we’ve never met before, and that could give her solo movie the edge it needs in the DC Extended Universe.Directed by Patty Jenkins, Wonder Woman will hit theatres on June 2, 2017 and will tell Diana Prince’s coming of age story while showing how she developed into the scene-stealing hero in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.I believe the solo Wonder Woman movie has the potential not only to be a great movie, but to be the best DC Comics movie to date. Below I have pieced together the five reasons I think the solo Wonder Woman movie will be great.5. This Is The Characters First Big Screen AppearanceI touched on this a little bit above, but one of the biggest advantages the solo Wonder Woman movie has is that general audiences aren’t aware of the characters origin. This is a female hero who has never been given the opportunity to star in her own movie, and as tragic as that is it could end up being why Wonder Woman becomes a success.Characters like Batman, Superman, and Spider-Man have had multiple cinematic interpretations, so everyone already understands who the characters are. Wonder Woman hasn’t had that chance, so Gal Gadot has the opportunity to win audiences over and make them love this character.4. New Kinds of ActionWe got only a taste of what Wonder Woman’s fighting style is like in Batman v Superman.Because Wonder Woman is the first female superhero movie (in a cinematic universe), we can look forward to a whole new style of fighting. It’s already clear that Diana Prince is the greatest warrior in the DCEU, so the solo movie has the opportunity to show off her amazing powers, and do something different with the action.3. Geoff Johns = Better MoviesYour probably sick of hearing this guys name after the massive news earlier this week, but the fact that Johns is now in a higher position with DC Films means only good things for Wonder Woman .His new position is unlikely to effect Suicide Squad , however, he could have a big impact on the way Wonder Woman is edited, and how the character is presented on the big screen. This is a guy that understands DC characters so having him in a position of power means we’ll start to see the comic book characters brought to life on the big screen.2. New Is Always BetterBelieve it or not people like new things. People love it when something that has never happened before happens and Wonder Woman has that advantage.This IS the first female-led superhero movie in a cinematic universe, and that comes with a lot of firsts and a lot of exciting new things for audiences. From the action, to the silent moments of the movie everything will be different and that puts Wonder Woman ahead in my eyes.1. Female Power.It almost hurts to say that Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman is the first big screen attempt at a female hero. Yes, the likes of Catwoman didn’t hit big at the box-office but this is Wonder Woman and she should have been given her chance years ago.As one of pop culture’s most iconic female characters, having her own solo movie will be a phenomenon when it hits theaters in 2017. The character has so much rich history for the movie to play off of and it’s her femininity and softer side that will win the audience over, not the endless action.