5 Things That Superman’s Appearance Could Mean For ‘Supergirl’

We’ve been awarded several news stories about Supergirl over the past few months but the news that the Man of Steel will finally get an official appearance on the series has got to be the most exciting yet! Every time that Superman or his alter ego Clark Kent was mentioned on the female led superhero drama, he communicated with Kara through instant messaging. Furthermore, anytime that he did appear his face was covered and it became pretty obvious that it was through the use of CGI. Now that it has been confirmed that the producers are casting the Man of Steel, lets take a look at what the arrival of the famous Kryptonian leader will mean for Kara and her friends.

1. A Super Team Up?

The fact that the producers have finally decided to cast an actor as Superman highlights that they must have a purpose for the character to finally appear. Perhaps there will be a big bad villain that will need more than one superhero to defeat it. An episode that would feature Kara and Clark teaming up would be out of this world – literally! Perhaps Clark will aid his cousin and Supergirl and Superman will re-unite once more – but for the first time on screen.

2. Is it related to #WhoIsInThePod?

The big cliffhanger that Season One left us on was related to Kara finding a ship, closely resembling hers, that had just crash-landed on earth. When opened, Kara stares in shock. Twitter appropriately labeled this #WhoWasInThePod. It’s obvious that the person on board the ship is a Kryptonian, but the identity has yet to be revealed. Superman’s casting and appearance in the first episode of the second season leads me to believe that the Kyptonian passenger is a famous comic book character and that is why Superman will be coming along to help Kara out.

3. James and Kara

James told Kara in the pilot episode that her cousin had asked him to look out for her. Throughout the first season of Supergirl, James made several references to the Man of Steel, highlighting their close friendship – in the season finale James and kara finally kissed, what will the Man of Steel have to say about his best friend having a relationship with his cousin? Awkward.

4. Justice League?

Lets face it – Superman is one of the top superheroes and DC characters. His appearance in Supergirl could inevitably lead to appearances on other DC shows now that we know they exist in the same universe. You know what this means? It means that Superman is officially a character in the DC TV universe! This is an momentous announcement! Perhaps at some stage there will be a mini Justice League in the TV universe – at this rate they’ll have more than enough characters to at least begin! Moreover, now that Supergirl is on the CW, people have already begun speculating that the characters will be moving to Earth-1 so that they will be alongside the characters of The Flash and Arrow. If this is the case, then there will have to be a Justice League formed at some point in the future.