5 Things We’re Excited To See In The Second Half of ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season Six

SPOILER WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS FROM SEASON SIX OF GAME OF THRONES. Season Six has been a rollercoaster of emotions thus far, with stand out moments such as Jon Snow’s resurrection and Dany’s powerful fire-filled exit from the Temple of The Dosh Khaleen. Now, things are certainly set to heat up as we approach the half way mark of the season. What better way to anticipate what will happen next than to list the things that we are most excited for in the upcoming second half of the season!1. Sansa confronting Little Finger

HBO - Sansa with Brienne

HBO – Sansa with Brienne

By now, we are all aware that Petyr Baelish is a snake. Following his decision last season, Sansa married Ramsay Bolton who went on to violate her before locking her away in a tower and treating her with little respect. With the help of her former friend Theon, Sansa managed to escape the evil clutches of the psychotic Ramsay. However, during the most recent episode we saw Little finger arrive at the Vale, requesting men to ‘rescue’ Sansa as the Boltons will most likely be on her tail. Next week, Sansa and Little Finger come face-to-face for the first time since her horrific marriage, so who knows what will happen. Sansa questions him, asking if he was aware of Ramsay’s nature. It’s hard to believe he didn’t – this is Little Finger after all. With Brienne in her corner, I’d be a little worried if I were him. 2. What Bran’s visions will reveal

HBO - Bran

HBO – Bran

Bran was absent from the recent episode. Last we saw Bran, he was experiencing visions of the past – most notably alongside his deceased father. In Episode Five, we know that Meera appears to be unable to wake Bran from his vision – a vision where he is alone in the snow, surrounded by the undead. As the camera pans around, we notice the White Walker staring directly at Bran. The Three Eyed Raven had previously told Bran that he cannot interfere with the past, but there is a little ambiguity surrounding the situation as in his vision involving a young Ned Stark, Ned appears to have heard him call out. So, if Bran can be heard or seen in his visions, does that put him in danger surrounded by an army of White Walkers? Moreover, with all the fan theories being thrown about, one can’t help but wonder what Bran’s visions will reveal about the past and certain characters heritage. 3. Daenerys’ New Journey?

HBO - Dany's fiery escape

HBO – Dany’s fiery escape

After being kidnapped, undressed and threatened at the hands of the Dothraki, I can’t help but feel a little satisfied after Dany got her revenge in the final scenes of “The Book of The Stranger”. Dany not only got her revenge, but she proved herself as a potential leader and ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. She remained steadfast and unafraid while confronting a horde of Dothraki soldiers who would’ve attacked her if they had the chance. When she emerged from the flames, it was a revelatory moment not only for viewers, but for the Dothraki people. what happens now is entirely unknown – all the the footage from promos and previews featuring Dany occurred in the first four episodes so her storyline is completely unknown from here on out. We can speculate of course, and it appears that Dany might now have the army that she needs for conquering Westeros. 4. Jon V Ramsay

HBO - Jon Snow

HBO – Jon Snow

Arguably set to become the biggest war in Game Of Thrones thus far, Ramsay Bolton is setting the wheels in motion to take on Jon Snow in a battle of the bastards. Ramsay now has Rickon Stark in his possession and, as we’ve seen with the heinous acts he committed upon Sansa, he is capable of anything. Sansa and Jon recently reunited for the first time since Season One, and Sansa told him that she wants to return to Winterfell and take it back from the Boltons. Initially objecting, Jon agreed when he heard that Ramsay has Rickon. So now that two of the Starks have reunited, Sansa and Jon are setting their sights on their home – Winterfell. Will they be able to take on the psychotic Ramsay and reclaim Winterfell as their own, or will Ramsay flay them like he has done to so many before? It’s going to be a gruesome war, but one that I cannot wait to see. 5. The Crown V The Sparrows

HBO - Cersei

HBO – Cersei

In one of the most compelling storylines Game of Thrones has ever done, the High Sparrow continues to wreak havoc over those in power at Kings Landing. Following Cersei’s humiliating walk of shame last season, she is looking to exact revenge. At the same time, Margaery and Loras remain locked up. In the previous episode, Lady Olenna and Cersei agreed that Margaery must not complete the walk of shame as it would be harmful for not only Margaery but for all in the realm to see the Queen in such a state. Therefore, they are hatching a plan to take down the Sparrows and rescue Margaery in the process. There may be casualties, but for those involved this has gone on long enough and it’s time that Margaery was returned to her family. It’s not going to be pleasant, but it’s going to be incredible to witness! There you have just several reasons as to why the second half of Game of Thrones Season Six is going to be incredible. The first half of the season set the stories in motion, but now we get to witness them reach their imminent conclusions! Season Six is going to be a bloodbath!What’s your favourite storyline in Game of Thrones? Do you have any predictions? Let me know in the comments!