5 Things You Might Have Missed From Season 1, Episode 9 Of ‘Preacher’

Warning: This article contains spoilers from of Preacher. If you haven’t caught up then I command you, in my best Genesis voice, to stop reading now.

After the events of , we assumed that things were going to heat up for Preacher, however this week’s episode was more of a slow, storyline heavy episode. That’s not a bad thing at all — in fact it provided us with some of the more shocking and scary moments of the show thus far.

I had a feeling that Jesse’s God-summoning church service was going be saved until the finale. In order to delay the events for another week, “Finish the Song” focused more on the aged cowboy storyline and we finally got some answers. Before losing our heads and getting excited for the finale, lets take a look at several things that you might have missed during “Finish the Song.”

1. Letting Go

Emily makes a change.
Emily makes a change.

This week’s Preacher dealt a lot with the theme of letting go. Despite telling Miles on several occasions that the two of them are not a couple, Emily actually found herself falling into the trap of calling him her boyfriend. When she attempted to justify the decision to Tulip, she struggled to have anything complimentary to say about the naive Mayor. Realizing that this never-ending cycle couldn’t go on, Emily tricked Miles into thinking she was in danger and then locked him in a room with Cassidy. Despite her obvious pure nature, Emily didn’t seem full of regret afterwards. In fact, she seemed rather relieved.

Similarly, Tulip decided to let Jesse go. Since we met Tulip, she’s been chasing Jesse and attempting to bring him back to their former way of life, but to no avail. However, after Jesse’s insulting outburst , Tulip decided that she’s done with the preacher. She proved this by going to Albuquerque on her own — without Jesse.

2. Humanity Is An Issue For Everyone

The Sheriff feels empathy.
The Sheriff feels empathy.

We’ve often discussed Jesse’s problems with humanity, especially after being inhabited by Genesis, but what became apparent this week is that every character has their own struggle. Even as she was about to torture her enemy Carlos, Tulip had a look of hesitation — clearly questioning if it was the right thing to do. Moreover, Emily — the purest character in the show — committed a heinous act by letting Cassidy maul Miles. Did the sweetest, most human character just become a monster? Probably not — one could even argue that through this heinous act, Emily discovered herself and thus found humanity again.

In a similar fashion, the Sheriff felt such pity for Susan — the angel that Deblanc and Fiore disassembled and left in the bathtub — that he actually complied when the angel asked him to kill her — it was an act of mercy. Unbeknownst to the Sheriff, Susan materialized behind him fully intact, meaning that she’s not finished with Deblanc and Fiore.

3. Jesse Finds Himself

The Preacher comes home — Jesse finds himself.
The Preacher comes home — Jesse finds himself.

throughout Preacher‘s first season — in fact it’s gotten to the stage where he pushed his friends away with horrible insults. However, despite being on the run, Jesse found himself. He ate with the homeless — this is almost biblical — and in his attempt to rectify the situation with Tulip, he stumbled upon Cassidy. After seeing the burnt and scarred Cassidy, Jesse was filled with remorse for not saving him. However, it became clear that Jesse did actually put Cassidy out with the fire extinguisher a couple of episodes ago, but he didn’t do it quickly enough and caused the vampire extreme pain. Cassidy accepts his apology and we see a glimmer of the old Jesse — pre-Genesis Jesse.

Although he couldn’t find her, Jesse called Tulip and attempted to make amends for what he said to her a couple of episodes ago. He also told her that she’s always been the one for him. It’s worth noting that Jesse didn’t appear to use Genesis in this episode at all and somehow he seemed more human than ever — that’s definitely not a coincidence. Jesse definitely seems like he’s on a path back to righteousness, but it’ll be interesting to see what happens when he summons God.

4. Hell Is A Never Ending Cycle

On and on it goes — The Saint of Killers.
On and on it goes — The Saint of Killers.

That shocking revelation (although somewhat hinted at in the Comic-Con trailer) at the end of the episode changed everything. The scenes about the aged Cowboy (or the Saint of Killers as he is officially known) were not flashbacks — the scenes take place in Hell. His entire story was shown to the viewer repeatedly at the end of the episode. The repetition signified that this man is forced to relive his own personal Hell over and over again.

Deblanc and Fiore attempt to cut a deal with him, telling him that if he wants this to stop then he must kill a preacher — so Jesse might be in trouble. However, it’s important that we realize the repetitiveness of Hell — in a similar fashion to the Hell seen in American Horror Story: Coven — a person’s Hell in Preacher seems to be the worst moments of their life repeated over and over again.

5. Eugene Can Be Rescued

If the angels can go to Hell, can Eugene be saved?
If the angels can go to Hell, can Eugene be saved?

Deblanc and Fiore seemed uncertain last week about whether or not someone , but the fact that the pair of angels made the trip to the unholy Hell leads us to believe that Eugene can, in fact, be saved. The repetitive nature of Hell also leads us to believe that Eugene will be forced to forever relive the night that he became “arse face.”

Perhaps Jesse will use this as a bargaining chip and surrender Genesis once and for all if the angels agree to bring Eugene back from hell. If not, then Jesse and the cowboy could be coming face to face.

Checking for the next episode of ‘Preacher’ like.

With only one episode left, the land of Preacher is finally starting to make sense. The big questions that remain — will Jesse be able to bring God to Annville? If so, will he be judged for his sins? It’s been an incredible premiere season and who knows what lies ahead in the finale. , but what effects will the finale have on Jesse Custer? I can’t wait to find out.

Did you notice anything else in Season 1, Episode 9 of Preacher. Tell me in the comment section below.


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