5 Things You Might Have Missed In The Season 2 Premiere Of ‘Mr. Robot’

Warning: Hello, friend. You probably know why you’re here, but if you don’t let me remind you that this article contains major spoilers from the season premiere of Mr. Robot. if you haven’t caught up then I’d advise you return to the previous page. I trust you.

After nearly a year, Mr. Robot finally returned to our screens for and has left us with more questions than answers. If you’re totally freaking out about the episode, then trust me — you’re not alone. So much happened and as much as we’re looking forward to next week’s episode, it’s important that we take the time to fully comprehend what we saw. So without further ado, allow me to point out some important things that you might have missed during the season premiere of Mr. Robot.

1. Elliot Is Losing Control

Blacking out — Elliot losing control.
Blacking out — Elliot losing control.

Elliot has always been somewhat of a unique individual, but the revelations of the final two episodes last season proved that there is more to it — he is mentally unstable. This season we find Elliot, a month after the events of the finale, attempting to move on with his life. He’s got himself into a repetitive but competent routine. He’s living with his mother who wakes him everyday, he has a set timetable for the entire day — it’s a loop that he can constantly follow. Moreover, he’s now open with his psychiatrist Krista. Everything seems to be going okay for him — that is until Mr. Robot shows up. Unfortunately, Mr. Robot can physically hurt him — and shoots him in the head. Of course, to the outside world there is no mark, but Elliot can feel the pain of this physic attack.

What I couldn’t help but realize is that, despite appearances, Elliot is not getting better — in fact, he’s getting much worse. He won’t talk to us — the viewer, his friend — and Mr. Robot seems to intercept him at all corners, attempting to break his routine.

If Elliot complies and breaks his routine then he will revert back to his old ways and he can’t afford to let that happen. Unfortunately as the episode rolls on, it becomes apparent that despite his best efforts, Elliot doesn’t have a choice. He’s frequently experiencing blackouts and has no recollection of what’s going on.

2. Angela Is Becoming What She Once Despised

Losing yourself? Angela's not the same girl.
Losing yourself? Angela’s not the same girl.

Angela spent the better part of the first season trying to take down E-Corp (or Evil Corp as Elliot would say) and the people who run it. Unfortunately, she has gotten absorbed into the money-infested lifestyle and barely resembles her former self, both internally and externally. She is now dressing in high-end fashion and working for the worst kind of human beings alive.

Angela’s transformation is rather ironic as money-obsessed corporations and their employees are the reason Fsociety first banded together — to stop people like Angela and E-Corp. The world has awoken in this new revolution, but is too late for Angela to wake up and see what kind of decadent person she is becoming?

3. Fsociety’s Mission Is Far From Over

Person in charge — Darlene rallies the troops.
Person in charge — Darlene rallies the troops.

The end of saw the culmination of everything that the Fsociety group had been working towards — they hacked E-Corp’s data storage facilities and launched a revolution that would change the world forever. The group even disposed of the tech they had used to do so — they essentially became untraceable. It appeared that Fsociety had accomplished what they set out to do. However, the latest episode highlights that even though the task was completed, the mission is far from over.

Not much has been explained to us thus far, but if we remember back to the first season, the revolution was believed to irreversible. However, the Season 2 premiere finds Darlene explaining to a new crop of Fsociety members that they are on the losing side of a battle. Fsociey may have put a dent in the way the world and its corporations operate, but they are only just beginning — the revolution was the start of something much bigger. What that bigger thing is has yet to be revealed.

4. Tyrell Wellick Is More Important Than We Know

Tyrell is back — but where is he?
Tyrell is back — but where is he?

The search for Tyrell Wellick is still a large part of the second season. Tyrell seemingly vanished following the attack on E-Corp which has led to him being implicated in the attack — it is common belief that he was working with Fsociety.

However, as I’m sure you noticed, Elliot is very much at a loss, struggling to remember what happened to Tyrell. We now know that Tyrell was present when Elliot initiated the attack on E-Corp, but moments later Elliot reached for the firearm that Darlene had planted in the arcade last season. Elliot wracked his brains, trying to remember what happened to no avail. He even consulted with Mr. Robot, who remained silent on the matter. I can’t help but think that there is more to this than meets the eye — Mr. Robot, who would not stop talking and tormenting Elliot throughout the entire episode, refused to discuss the matter of Tryell Wellick — perhaps there is a lot more to this matter than we originally believed.

Elliot later finds himself blacking out and when he comes to, he’s on the phone. We hear that familiar “Bon Soir Elliot” — it’s Tyrell, so we can now assume that he is still alive. But where is he? And more importantly, where has he been all this time? It’s also worth noting that Joanna — Tyrell’s wife — received an anonymous call on a phone that was discretely delivered to her house. It’s a little confusing as Joanna has apparently found a new boyfriend, so why is she still so worried about Tyrell?

5. Mr. Robot Has Been Running The Entire Operation

Who is in control? Mr Robot feeding off Elliot.
Who is in control? Mr Robot feeding off Elliot.

Although we know that Mr. Robot and Elliot are one in the same, some light was shed on that whole situation in the premiere episode. Elliot’s blackouts appear to be the result of Mr. Robot taking control of his consciousness — all the occasions that we saw Mr. Robot on his own last year was actually Elliot’s body with Mr. Robot in control and the reason Elliot cannot remember is because he blacked out at the time — his own consciousness is not present.

This leads us to believe that Mr. Robot was actually the one who initiated the attack on E-Corp, not Elliot. Moreover, Elliot tried incredibly difficult to move on with his life but Mr. Robot was relentless — he wants Elliot back. The episode saw a power struggle as the two battle for control, but unfortunately it appears that Mr. Robot has the upper hand, as the episode culminated with Elliot blacking out and waking up in an unknown location.

This revelation not only has lasting effects for Elliot, but it changes what we know about the show — in fact it gives a whole new meaning to the name Mr. Robot — the character of Mr. Robot is taking over and controlling Elliot’s body — like a robot.

Hang in there, Elliot!

A show-stopping opener for Mr. Robot. There’s no point in even trying to predict what will happen next because, in typical Mr. Robot fashion, you won’t see it coming. A great return for the and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead in the second season.

Did you notice anything interesting in the season premiere of Mr. Robot? Tell me in the comment section below.


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