5 Things You Need To Know About New ‘Spider-Man’ Villain The Tinkerer

Yesterday Sony/Marvel officially to Spider-Man: Homecoming — The Tinkerer — played by actor Michael Chernus. Most news about the new Spidey film has been kept under wraps, but the villainous reveal definitely gives us some clues as to what Spider-Man might be facing in Homecoming. I am talking full on alien invasions, a connection to Daredevil, and big news for the big bad — the Vulture!

So who exactly is the Tinkerer? The villain is from the early days of Spider-Man, just as the young web-spinner was learning to use his powers. He’s evaded Spider-Man’s justice more than once to continue aiding in Spider-Man’s demise and various other plots by Marvel supervillains.

Here is everything you need to know about the Terrible Tinkerer:

1. He’s A Genius Level Engineer

The Tinkerer — real name Phineas Mason — can take any pile of junk and turn it into a master machine capable of unforeseen technology. Running an underground radio repair shop that was actually a fix-it shop, Tinkerer’s mechanical abilities brought clients far and wide with devious intentions. Those needing Tinkerer’s skills would show up to his shop and say the phrase “I’ve got a radio that just can’t carry a tune.”

2. The Tinkerer Often Pretended To Be An Alien

For those like Spider-Man who were always chasing The Tinkerer’s tail, he would always leave behind a rubber mask that looked identical to his face. He wanted his enemies to think he was an alien and that the face they had seen wasn’t real after all. He also created a “task force” of stuntmen that he made appear to be aliens as well. These men would place bugs in radios and blackmail people for their various crimes. Spider-Man himself believed Tinkerer had brought an alien invasion to Earth in order to take over the world.

3. He’s Behind Many Marvel Villains’ Weaponry and Suits

You may not know it, but Tinkerer has an impressive list of creations in the Marvel Universe. He’s the man behind Mysterio’s suit, the Grim Reaper’s suit, Diamondback’s diamonds, and was even hired by one of Daredevil’s greatest enemies — the Kingpin — to repair the Spider-Mobile to end Spider-Man. The Tinkerer has also been hired to fix/create things for Black Cat, Killer Shrike, Hammerhead, and more.

4. The Tinkerer Has A Major Connection To The Punisher

After Nick Fury and S.H.E.I.L.D. attempt to bring the Tinkerer to justice, he escapes to the world where he had been obtaining most of his technology from: Latveria, home of Doctor Doom. There he is found by none other than Frank Castle a.k.a. the Punisher. Frank brings Tinkerer to justice the way he usually does: By trying to kill him. The Tinkerer is stabbed and paralyzed. Eventually, Tinkerer is imprisoned.

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5. Norman Osborn Freed The Tinkerer

The Tinkerer’s son Rick — who Tinkerer believed to be dead — had actually been working undercover. In doing so, he makes a deal with Norman Osborn to kill a CIA agent who helped murder Carol Danvers in order to free his father. Norman follows through and frees Tinkerer once Rick’s mission is complete.

What The Tinkerer Could Mean For Spider-Man: Homecoming

The Tinkerer’s addition to Spider-Man: Homecoming absolutely makes sense being Vulture has already been confirmed. Rumor is that will be the one taking on the role of one Spider-Man’s first arch enemies, though his character has yet to be officially revealed. In the Marvel comics, Vulture hired Tinkerer to help free Nitro from prison, so the pair do have a history. Perhaps the Tinkerer will build Vulture’s suit as he has done for so many villains before.

Whatever the Tinkerer’s role in the film, it certainly does not bode well for Spidey. Our young Peter Parker will have a lot on his hands to deal with for a kid just trying to finish high school.

Do you think the Tinkerer being cast confirms Vulture will be Spider-Man Homecoming‘s big bad? Let me know in the comics!


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