5 Things You Need To Know About The Grandmaster and What He Could Mean For ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ and ‘Avengers: Infinity War’!

The Grandmaster is neither villain nor hero, and can outsmart even the best of heroes in a game of strategy!There has been so much Thor: Ragnorak news today, our heads are spinning! So much good casting, so little time, so let’s take a deeper look into one of Marvel’s most mysterious characters announced to be joined Thor‘s stellar cast, the Grandmaster! The incredible Jeff Golblum will be bringing the eclectic super-being to life on the big screen, and after you learn a little more about him, you’ll see why he is the perfect choice!The Grandmaster first made his appearance in The Avengers #69, and is neither villain nor hero. He finds amusement in toying with the lives of lesser beings with games and challenges. Many times, this leads him to the Avengers, which are some of the greatest champions of the earth. The Grandmaster doesn’t value the life of lesser beings, such as humans, as much as he values those of his brother Elders, but he also doesn’t set out to kill and destroy without a purpose. SO how can this all fit into Thor: Ragnorak? Let’s see!
5 Things To Know About The Grandmaster1.The Grandmaster is an Elder of the universe: One of the first ever intelligent races to evolve after Marvel’s Big Bang. He and the other Elders consider themselves brothers, and are each fixated on different things from the lesser beings. The Grandmaster loves board-games, and uses lesser beings to play them. 2. The Grandmaster’s powers include traveling through time, space, and alternate dimensions, as well as immortality, and regeneration. He can also use his cosmic life force for superhuman abilities like levitation and energy blasts. Grandmaster can cause death by wishing it and resurrect as long as the being has been dead less than 30 hours. Only people he can NOT resurrect are his are the Elders like him. The Marvel Wiki also points out “…he maintains a psychic link with the highly advanced computers of his base world, which extend and enhance his mental abilities.”.3. He once was the possessor of the one of the six Infinity gems, the Mind Stone…Until Thanos got a hold of it. It can be used to enhance mental and psionic abilities, and access all the minds in existence when used with the Power gem. The Grandmaster also discovered the Mind gem was the manifestation of the universal subconscious while searching for it. Thanos coming after the mind gem could be a big plotline for Thor: Ragnarok!
4. He is fixated with games of strategy and skill, and has spent most of his time learning the games of lesser beings. He uses these games to manipulate beings in order to win a prize using very high stakes. He once challenged Death to a game of strategy in order to win the ability to resurrect his Elder brother, the Collector. He won, but Death revealed that in order for the Collector to return, another must die. To follow through with his deal of the game, the Grandmaster dies to resurrect The Collector. 5. The Grandmaster has had several interactions with the Avengers by using them as human pawns in the many games he plays controlling earthlings.He once challenged Kang the conqueror in a battle with Kang using the Avengers as his champions. the prize if Kang won was Grandmaster would give him control over life and death for a short time, and if Grandmaster won, he would destroy earth. The Avengers won and Grandmaster’s Squadron Sinister failed. The Grandmaster’s appearance in Thor could be an obvious lead in to The Avengers: Infinity War. The Mind gem Grandmaster possesses is one of the 6 Infinity gems!The Grandmaster and Thor: Where he fits inNow, how will Grandmaster affect Thor? I think perhaps the main purpose of his introduction will be to lead into Avengers: Infinity War. With Thanos after the Mind stone he possesses, the Grandmaster may use the Avengers to try and protect it and keep Thanos from gaining ultimate power. The mind gem is one of the most powerful of the six, and in the wrong hands could control the world. The Collector, his brother, was already introduced in Guardians of the Galaxy. In the comics, together the Elders conspire to kill Galactus, the only survivor of the universe before the Big Bang, using the Infinity gems, but they fail, and this is how Thanos gets them. Could this be something that occurs during Thor: Ragnorak, leading the Avengers to fight to get the gems from Thanos in Infinity War? THERE ARE SO MANY POSSIBILITIES with the Grandmaster involved! He Seems like a very intriguing and odd character, which really makes Jeff Goldblum perfect. Jeff is famous for his odd and unique characteristics in his films, and does seem like someone with a sort of heightened intelligence, much like the Grandmaster. The Grandmaster is all about a gamble, and is smart enough never to make a bad wager. His reasoning for things is beyond lesser beings understanding, and I can so see Jeff Goldblum’s mind ticking when trying to explain something or proposing a game. All I know is I haven’t been this excited for a casting announcement in a long time! What are your theories? Comment below!