5 Things You Should Know About Ruth Negga A.K.A. Tulip On ‘Preacher’

Ruth Negga is a name you’d better get used to hearing. Currently starring as Negga is rising high and fast in the ranks of actresses on both TV and in movies.

Although she’s had roles in anything from UK series Misfits and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to World War Z and this year’s Warcraft, Negga’s insane acting talents have gotten her increasingly noticed in Hollywood in recent months. She might currently be tearing it up as a swashbuckling badass on Preacher, but she’s just as capable of bringing life half of a touching romance, as she does in the critically acclaimed, Oscar-buzzed Loving.

So, let’s get to know rising star Ruth Negga with these five facts below:

1. She was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Ruth Negga is Tulip in 'Preacher' / AMC

Ruth Negga is Tulip in ‘Preacher’ / AMC

Ruth was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to an Ethiopian father and an Irish mother. After the death of her father, she moved to Ireland with her mother where she started pursuing a career in acting.

2. She’s getting Oscar buzz for her latest film, Loving

Ruth Negga and Joel Edgerton star in 'Loving'

Ruth Negga and Joel Edgerton star in ‘Loving’

The 34-year-old actress recently starred in Loving, a film about the true story of the Lovings, a couple who were arrested for being together during a time when interracial marriages were illegal.

The film left Cannes with rave reviews — and was even a contender for the coveted Palme d’Or — and there’s been plenty of Oscar buzz in its wake, including a possible Best Actress nod for Negga.

3. Fame isn’t what motivates her

'Preacher' / AMC

‘Preacher’ / AMC

In an interview with The Guardian, Negga gave a refreshing perspective on what success means to her:

“I didn’t become an actor to make money. And I didn’t become an actor to be famous – though people always gasp when you say that, as if it’s unfathomable that an actor doesn’t want to be a star. I like connecting with people, and that’s what good art is, a point of connection. There’s nothing better, on stage or on film, than feeling like you’ve achieved that.”

4. She’s dating the Preacher IRL

Tulip and Jesse in 'Preacher' / AMC

Tulip and Jesse in ‘Preacher’ / AMC

Negga has been dating — who plays the blessed Preacher, Jesse Custer, on Preacher — since 2010, and they currently live in London together. Now that’s a power couple if ever I saw one.

If you haven’t started watching the show, and get started!

5. She’s all about representing the underdog

Ruth Negga as Tulip in 'Preacher' / AMC

Ruth Negga as Tulip in ‘Preacher’ / AMC

In another interview with The Guardian, Negga talked about how being half black, half white, and growing up in both Ireland and London made it difficult for her to find an identity. However, not fitting neatly into any category has allowed her to shape her own way of being, and inspires her to give life to characters who might not speak so loudly:

“History is written by the winners. My job as an artist is to speak up for those who might be perceived as the losers. Or those who can’t shout. No wonder public-school* people always get into politics or acting: they’re taught to shout that much more loudly. That’s such a good skill. It just needs to be made available to everyone. There are a lot of heroes who don’t have loud voices.”

*Note: public school in the UK is equivalent to private school in the US.

Just like her character Tulip on Preacher, Ruth Negga is clearly going from strength to strength. I can’t wait to see what this talented actress does next!

What’s your favorite Ruth Negga role?

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