5 TV Shows To Start Watching After Finishing Your ‘Stranger Things’ Binge

So by now many of you will have totally ripped through all eight episodes of Netflix brand new original series Stranger Things. And, if by chance you haven’t already watched the sci-fi mystery series I can only suggest that you stop whatever you’re currently doing and head to Netflix, because you will absolutely not regret it.

with a story that simultaneously reminds you of a ton of different movies, TV shows and books while still feeling totally original – a rarity in this day and age of rebooks and remakes!

But now that you’ve finished watching Season 1 (eight episodes was not enough!), take a look at five other shows that have similar vibes to Stranger Things and might tide you over until we inevitably get Season 2 next year. Hey, no one said being a TV binge watcher was easy!

1. Wayward Pines

Cast of Wayward Pines [Fox]

Cast of Wayward Pines [Fox]

How many seasons? 2

Another sci-fi mystery, Wayward Pines has less of an adorable Elementary School-aged cast than Stranger Things,

The series follows Secret Service agent, Ethan Burke who, after investigating the disappearance of two fellow agents, wakes after a car crash to find himself in the town of Wayward Pines, Idaho. Soon after, Burke finds that no one in Wayward Pines can ever leave the town, and any attempt will end in a public execution, carried out by the strict town Sheriff.

There’s an undeniable similarity between Stranger Things and Wayward Pines, which is probably down to the fact that Matt and Ross Duffer worked on both series (writing four episodes of Wayward Pines, and writing and directing almost the entirety of Stranger Things). With a stellar cast, and gripping storyline, Wayward Pines is a must watch.

2. Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks, it's damn good [ABC]
Twin Peaks, it’s damn good [ABC]

How many seasons? 2

Directed by David Lynch, the slow moving series Twin Peaks may have ended in 1991 after just two seasons (and a film), but soon enough it became a firm cult classic and will even return for a limited third season in 2017.

The show followed an investigation by FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper following the murder of local girl, Laura Palmer in the strange small town of Twin Peaks, Washington. The show delved into the lives of Twin Peaks citizens revealing a dark and supernatural side to the picturesque town.

The series is filled with mystery, quirky characters and brilliant performances. It might be more slow moving than a show a 21st Century TV viewer might normally invest their time in, but it’s a worthwhile watch considering on television and film, even 26 years later.

3. The X-Files

Mulder and Scully [Fox]

Mulder and Scully [Fox]

How many seasons? 10

Another series which recently got the limited season revival treatment, 90s sci-fi classic The X-Files is a show truly on par with Stranger Things.

Together FBI special agents, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully investigate X-Files, unsolved cases with paranormal twists. The main characters of the series brilliantly play off each other, with Mulder totally believing in aliens and the paranormal, and medical doctor Scully playing the part of the skeptic, grounded in hard science.

With 10 seasons and 202 episodes, The X-Files is the longest running sci-fi TV series in American television history, and

4. Les Revenants (or The Returned)

The Returned [Canal+]

The Returned [Canal+]

How many seasons? 2

This beautiful French TV series is definitely one for those who enjoy a drama with a supernatural twist.

Les Revenants centers on a small French town where dead people suddenly reappear without explanation. A teenage who was killed in a bus crash, a small boy who was murdered and a serial killer all return and try to resume their lives while those around them attempt to make sense of this seemingly impossible event.

Les Revenants was so well received that it was one of those rare gems that was embraced by the English speaking world, despite the need for subtitles (face it guys, we’re lazy and it’s rare for a subtitled show to do well). A&E eventually made an American version of the series (which was cancelled after one season), but the original version is indisputably the best.

5. Freaks and Geeks

The Freaks and the Geeks of Freaks and Geeks [NBC]

The Freaks and the Geeks of Freaks and Geeks [NBC]

How many seasons? 1

No it doesn’t fall into the supernatural or sci-fi genre, but part of the charm of Stranger Things was that it was set in the early 80s, which is also when Judd Apatow’s beloved series Freaks and Geeks was set.

Despite being cancelled after just one seasons, Freaks and Geeks is one of those series that something Stranger Things also nailed. The series followed the Weir siblings, Lindsay and Sam as they navigate the ups and down of life while attending high school over the 1980 – 1981 year.

Even though Freaks and Geeks lasted just one season, it was the starting place for many big names (including John Francis Daley, James Franco, Seth Rogen and Jason Segel), and it has firmly earned its place as one of the greatest ever series about young adults.

Have you seen Stranger Things? What did you think?



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