5 Underrated TV Shows You Should Definitely Spend Your Summer Discovering

5. Younger

Younger Promotional Poster (2015)

Younger Promotional Poster (2015)

Number of Seasons: 2 Aired, 4 Commissioned

Younger is a comedy-drama based on a book of the same name, written by Pamela Redmond Satran. Essentially, it is a hilarious look at the millennial lifestyle through the eyes of a forty-something woman, masquerading as a twenty-something.

Liza Miller (Sutton Foster) is a newly divorced, middle-aged woman, looking to restart her life in the Big Apple. After her daughter moves to India for College, Liza decides it is time to return to the workforce, to her college dream profession in publishing. However, it becomes apparent that no where is looking to hire anyone older than 30. This leads to the hilarious premise of the show, Liza decides to pretend to be 26, and along the way befriends her colleague Kelsey (Hilary Duff!) and finds romance in the form of gorgeous Nico Tortorella.

This show promises great laughs, great drama and great shots of a slightly nude Nico. Modern “realistic” takes on life as a young adult are becoming all the rage on television, even if shows like this one are still considered to be indie, and this one is only moments away from its breakthrough. The characters talk openly about sex, love, work and every other real life issue new adults face these days and it is extremely refreshing. Created and produced by Darren Starr, Younger offers sweet relief for anyone craving a replacement for Sex and the City, one of Starr’s previous works.

4. You’re The Worst

You're the Worst Promotional Poster (2014)

You’re the Worst Promotional Poster (2014)

Number Of Seasons: 2 Aired, the third due to air August 31st 2016.

You’re the Worst is a comedy-drama which is anything but your usual sitcom love story. It is another somewhat edgy modern take on relationships but is far from romantic for the most part, at its core it is simply a story of the growing relationship which forms between two terrible, unromantic, commitment-phobic people.

Jimmy (beautifully British Chris Geere) and Gretchin (the ever hilarious Aya Cash) meet at the wedding of people they don’t like surrounded by people they hate, leading Gretchin to steal a blender and they strike up a bond. The pair quickly become sexually engaged and slowly but surely blossom into a real grown up relationship despite their usual habit of never settling down.

This series provides a whole lot of sexual scenes and grown up jokes, but will keep you in tears of laughter and emotionally attached to every character you come across. The second season follows Gretchin’s struggle with depression and Jimmy’s struggle with supporting her. The season gained Aya several award nominations and was without a doubt the best portrayal of the illness I’ve ever seen on TV, especially for what is essentially a sitcom. It is laugh-out-loud funny, heart wrenching and promises one final scene in the latest episode which will fill your soul with warmth.

3. UnReal

UnReal Promotional Poster (2015)

UnReal Promotional Poster (2015)

Number of Seasons: 2 Aired, 3 Commissioned.

UnReal is a brilliant drama series with a good sprinkle of dark humor for good measure. The show follows the stories which take place behind the scenes of a Bachelor style television show. It is a dark, twisted plot filled with lies, deception, sex and endless glorious drama.

The series focuses on Rachel Goldberg, who has returned to her job as a producer on the dating show Everlasting. Working under executive producer Quinn King, a cold “do or die” kind of lady, Rachel has to rebuild her reputation by any means necessary, which means manipulating the contestants and the rest of the cast all while working through a dramatic love-triangle between her ex-boyfriend and the bachelor.

UnReal is the kind of show that you just cannot stop watching, and definitely cannot stop thinking about. Each moment is filled with the kind of drama that makes your breathing change pace. You’ll find yourself shouting at your computer or television (does anyone watch shows on a television anymore?) in frustration at the incredibly twisted stunts and terrible decisions the characters make, and yet you’ll be secretly loving all the drama and deceit. If your life is missing some excitement, this is exactly what you need.

2. Life In Pieces

Life in Pieces Promotional Poster (2015)

Life in Pieces Promotional Poster (2015)

Number of Seasons: 1 Aired, a second due to air October 27th 2016

Life in Pieces is a sitcom like no other. The show format doesn’t run like every other show, each episode features 4 separate stories, one after the other, following different members of the Short Family. Each story tends to intersect with the others, and the fourth and final tends to bring them all together. It is a sort of “Modern Family” style show but with a refreshing new take on sitcom format and a less confusing family tree.

This show provides serious belly laughs every single episode. The series follows the Short Family, starting with the grandparents, to their three children, and each of their own families. Each character is the kind of person you want in your own life and the whole cast is so charismatic and utterly hilarious. I’d like to give a special mention to Giselle Eisenberg who plays six year old Sophia Hughes (Short), her huge vocabulary and wise beyond her years attitude had me in tears and stitches just from laughing.

I don’t have a big speech for this one, just watch it. You won’t regret it, I promise.

1. Impractical Jokers

Impractical Jokers Promotional Poster (2011)

Impractical Jokers Promotional Poster (2011)

Number of Series: 5 Aired, 6 in Commission.

This one is relatively old compared to the rest, and yet it’s still so underrated. Honestly I don’t understand how this show isn’t the biggest thing on TV right now. Impractical Jokers is a reality “prank” style show. Essentially, these four full grown men challenge each other to do all kinds of embarrassing things and it’s as hilarious as it sounds.

The basis here is that these four men who have been friends since high school spend their days challenging each other to do bizarre and hilarious things, usually involving unsuspecting members of the public, and the best part is that this was their life way before the show began. Before being discovered and filming the show, Q, Joe, Sal and Murr formed the Tenderloins after high school, a comedy group who performed stand-up (and still do), while spending their free time torturing each other with their own made up games.

This is the show I always recommend to a sad friend, because it is just so effortlessly funny. It is the kind that will leave you in tears of laughter having totally forgotten what made you sad in the first place. The chemistry between these guys is what makes it so universally incredible, and why every attempt to remake the show with other people has failed miserably. This show has had my entire family in stitches together, and really, who doesn’t love a show that promotes family bonding. Impractical Jokers is just one of those shows that you have to see, it will add so much joy to your life I cannot begin to explain.


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