5 ways The Night Manager star Tom Hiddleston could transform the next James Bond Film

With the reports of Daniel Craig stepping down from his iconic and record breaking role as James Bond, there has been a flurry of discussion about who will replace him for the next 007 film that will come out in the next few years.

Many names have been thrown around, such as Damian Lewis, Idris Elba and Jamie Bell. Then a surprising name came up: Tom Hiddleston of Thor fame. His name first popped up after his starring role in the BBC production The Night Manager. It was a miniseries that starred Hiddleston as a former soldier who goes undercover to stop an arms dealer. Hiddleston shined in the role and rumors of him as 007 began in earnest. The Night Manager was a mini series that showcased many Bondlike aspects that Hiddleston possesses. While we would not want Hiddleston to play the same character as he did in The Night Manager, it showed that he could play a suave British agent very well. Then, two days ago, it was reported that Hiddleston was in advanced talks for the role of James Bond. So here are 5 ways The Night Manager star Tom Hiddleston could transform the next James Bond Film

Different Tone

The 007 of Daniel Craig was a raw and stripped down style, very gritty and Jason Bourne like in its combat and style. Bond himself was bulky in body and muscle, and was very physical in how he faced threats. A Bond film starring Tom Hiddleston will be very different in tone. Gone will be the gritty style and the film will most likely be softer tonally, with more soft colors and locations. The focus will be on Bond as the suave agent that can defeat him enemies as much with words as with action.

More Exotic Locations And Suave Clothing

Don’t get me wrong, Craig was very suave, but he wore his suaveness as a disguise to fool his enemies. Tom Hiddleston is the embodiment of suave. In The Night Manager he fit perfectly into the world of tailored suits and custom made cars. Tom Hiddleston’s Bond will be an agent that is content to sit back and sip his drink and watch as his master plan comes together and defeats the bad guy without the bad guy even knowing what hit him. He will be the agent that every woman wants and every man wants to be. Also, there will most likely be a focus on more exotic locations, the locations will be as much the costars of the film as 007 himself.

One order of suave coming up

One order of suave coming up

Less Action, More Intellectual Dueling

Craig’s Bond was very smart and executed plans well, but more often than not the plan came down to hand to hand combat and large shoot outs. Hiddleston’s Bond is a thinking man, one who is more comfortable executing his plan and defeating his nemesis without having to lift a gun. No Bond film can be without action and Hiddleston can do action well, but the action will most likely be less like the Craig era and will be filmed to fit in with the surrounding locations and players. Hiddleston’s Bond will be more character and plot driven with more tension then action set pieces.

Fast and the furious this was not

The Bond Girls Will Play A Vital Role In The Plot

One thing that shined in The Night Manager was Hiddleston’s chemistry with his female costars. They played a massive role in the plot, and helped in the overall plot to take down the big bad. Craig’s bond girls for the most part did not play a huge role in the plot (with the exception of the first and last films). It would be refreshing to see Bond interact with a beautiful and smart Bond girl that helps him achieve his mission.

Real World Villains

The villains that Hiddleston’s Bond will most likely face are bad guys that are very real. Gone will be the comic book style villains or world ending plots. These bad guys will most likely be villains that fit in our own world; arms dealers, corporate spies or moles within his own agency. These villains will be smart and more likely a mental threat as much as physical one.

Not a villain like that! Kill it kill it with fire

All in all these are just theories, but I think it’s safe to say that Tom Hiddleston may in fact become the new James Bond. He has name recognition and a large fan base, and it never hurts to have fan support for a Bond casting. He is also the opposite of Daniel Craig, which is good. If an actor was cast to play a similar Bond as Craig they would be judged and found wanting next to Craig’s excellent Bond. The new Bond needs to be one who is different and can be judged on their own merits. All in all I think Tom Hiddleston would play an excellent Bond, if you don’t believe me go and watch The Night Manager and I think you will be convinced.