5 Women Who’ve Played Mrs Pamela Voorhees On ‘Friday The 13th’

In 1980, the first Friday the 13th movie was released. The antihero of the franchise may be , but as Casey Becker learned a little too late in Scream, in the first movie, Jason’s mother was the killer. The scariest lady since Mrs Bates made quite the impact on horror cinema, and rightly so.

Although the late, great Betsy Palmer may have been the first Mrs Voorhees, but there were a handful of other brave souls who embraced the role of Jason’s mommy.

1. The first Mrs Voorhees

Movie: Friday the 13th & Friday the 13th: Part 2

Actress: Betsy Palmer

2. The head of Mrs Voorhees


Actress: Connie Hogan

3. Slimy Lake Mrs Voorhees

Movie: Friday the 13th: Part 3

Actress: Marilyn Poucher

4. Manipulative Mrs Voorhees

Movie: Freddy Vs Jason

Actress: Paula Shaw

5. Young Mrs Voorhees

Movie: (2009)

Actress: Nana Visitor

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Who do you hope to see play Mrs Voorhees in the 2017 Friday the 13th movie?

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