6 ‘Arrow’ Villains We Totally Want To See In Season 5

With the fifth season of Arrow quickly approaching, it’s safe to say that anticipation is high for the new story. And within that new story, it’s inevitable that we will see the introduction of a brand new villain who will have no problem wreaking havoc on Star City.

With the recent news that r, now seems like an appropriate time to speculate about what other villains might show up during Season 5. Let’s take a look at six villains who should definitely pop into Star City during Season 5 of Arrow.


Anarky on "Arrow."
Anarky on “Arrow.”

Alexander Calvert’s enigmatic portrayal of Lonnie Machin was undoubtedly one of the standout aspects of Arrow‘s fourth season. Having a twisted obsession with creating anarchy, Machin was a real throwback to the intimidating foes of Arrow‘s first two seasons. Between his kidnapping of a mayoral candidate’s daughter to his unusual obsession with Thea — whom he creepily referred to as “Mommy” — Anarky got all the more scary when he began wearing a creepy mask over his burned face.

Definitely one of the highlights of Arrow‘s recent years, Anarky is one person who could definitely return during Season 5. Remember, he did disappear at the end of the last season. Let’s hope he does.

Black Siren

Badass In Black: Black Siren.

Badass In Black: Black Siren.

Earth-2’s version of Laurel Lance may be currently trapped in S.T.A.R. Labs’ makeshift prison in the pipeline after her run-in with the Flash, but having Black Siren show up in Star City is a must for Season 5 of Arrow. It would make for some amazing scenes — could you imagine seeing Quentin Lance come face to face with his daughter’s evil doppelgänger? Moreover, she proved on The Flash that she was an incredibly skilled fighter, could you imagine seeing her go up against the Green Arrow? Or imagine seeing her go up against her doppelgänger’s sister, the White Canary Sara Lance. There are certainly a lot of awesome and unique possibilities that could take place during a potential Arrow appearance.

After , Katie Cassidy’s portrayal of Black Siren on The Flash . Furthermore, we now know that , so a Black Siren return is imminent. I just hope we get to see her on Arrow!

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China White

Kelly Hu delivered a strong performance as China White.
Kelly Hu delivered a strong performance as China White.

Appearing throughout Season 1 as a recurring character, Kelly Hu’s portrayal of China White (or Chien Na Wei) was a brilliant one. Both smart and deadly, she had no problem taking down anyone who got in her way and even tried to kill both Laurel Lance and Malcolm Merlyn. She also found herself crossing paths with the Arrow and reaching stalemates as they were unable to best each other in battle — each one well matched by the other. However, it made for some incredible fight scenes.

We last saw her in the present day getting arrested after finally being taken down by the Arrow. It would be a treat to see her return to the streets of Star City, looking for vengeance against the one man who beat her.

The Count

Faultless: Gabel's chilling portrayal of The Count.

Faultless: Gabel’s chilling portrayal of The Count.

They honestly — well, not in Arrow anyway. Seth Gabel’s phenomenal performance the villainous drug lord was award-worthy. Chilling to the bone with his eerie accent, the somewhat Joker-like Count may have only appeared in a few episodes in the first two seasons but he left an impression that will never be forgotten. The character was unfortunately killed off when Oliver had to drive three arrows into his heart to save Felicity. He may have lost his life, but in one way, he was the true victor as he will always be remembered as the man who forced the Arrow to kill again.

Despite the Count’s empire being taken over by Count Vertigo (brilliantly played by Peter Stormare), Arrow would really benefit from his resurrection. Thanks to Gabel’s enigmatic and rather unhinged performance, the majority of followup villains just don’t have the same allure as the Count. The character could have very well carried the series a big bad and should most definitely return for Arrow‘s fifth season.


"Hello Kid": Bennett as Deathstroke.
“Hello Kid”: Bennett as Deathstroke.

Everyone’s favorite big bad Slade Wilson made an impact that Starling City would never forget. Everything about Deathstroke’s arc was beautiful — from his flashback friendship with Oliver in Season 1 to his mirakuru-driven rebellion at the end of Season 2, the storytelling was perfect. Manu Bennett did an outstanding job of bringing one of the most iconic comic book villains to life and made him the most imposing and terrifying threat the Arrow had ever come up against. In fact, it took the Arrow, Arsenal, the Canary, the SCPD, Nyssa Al Guhl and the League Of Assassins to stop him and his army of soldiers.

Arrow have yet to produce a villain as threatening as Deathstroke, and I’m not sure they ever will. The series was in its prime during Slade Wilson’s reign of destruction and a return would only heighten anticipation for Season 5. Now is the time to bring Deathstroke back!


Onomatopoeia (via DC Comics).

Onomatopoeia (via DC Comics).

Created by Kevin Smith and Phil Hester, Onomatopoeia began appearing in DC Comics in 2002. He has become one of the most well-known Green Arrow villains and is high on many people’s lists when discussing which bad guys should appear on Arrow.

In a quite disturbing arc, Onomatopoeia debuts when he murders a female crimefighter named Virago. Although not much is known about him personally, he is known for imitating the sounds around him — such as gunshots — hence the name. He then makes a name for himself targeting non-superpowered superheroes. This is another reason why now is the perfect time for the character to debut on Arrow, — perfect targets for Onomatopoeia. And with Kevin Smith’s prominence in the Arrow-verse, having directed an episode of The Flash last season and directing an episode of Supergirl this season, now seems like the perfect time to get him (and his villain) involved with Arrow.

With promises of change this season, now would be a good time for Arrow to shake things up by adding new faces as well as bringing back a few favorites. The series has had some incredible villains over the past four years and their returns would definitely benefit it. Furthermore, adding an esteemed new villain like Onomatopoeia would definitely garner acclaim from comic book fans. Either way, if any of these six baddies appear in Season 5, prepare for some awesome scenes!

Which villains would you like to see show up in Star City for Season 5 of Arrow? Let us know in the comments!


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