6 Epic Moments To Look Forward To In ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7

Warning: Heavy spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 6. If you are not caught up yet and you don’t want the season spoiled for you, click away now.

Sadly, it’s true: Game of Thrones is over for a whole year. , filled with twists and turns that nobody saw coming ( ). The finale of Season 6 hit us with some that shocked the world and set up some seriously epic storylines to come in the penultimate season.

The King In The North

Jon Snow takes his brother Robb's place.

Jon Snow takes his brother Robb’s place.

Jon Snow has had quite a ride over his six seasons of story which seemed to culminate in his death at the end of Season 5. However, after his resurrection, he’s returned with more purpose then ever before. After he defeated Ramsay and took back Winterfell, the houses of the North rallied behind him and named him their King.

Now that Jon is the King in the North, he has enough power and resources to bolster the North against the rapidly gathering army of White Walkers and wights. , and in a world where everyone is obsessed with the same uncomfortable chair, it’ll be nice to see a substantial portion of the world working to fight against the real threat.

Plus, if Jon starts heading north and Bran starts heading south, we’ll get another reunion and Jon will finally learn the big secret of his heritage. Who doesn’t want to see that?

Tyrion Lannister: Hand Of The Queen

Tyrion's finally appreciated.

Tyrion’s finally appreciated.

Poor, poor Tyrion. Everybody’s favorite Lannister has received the short end of the stick in pretty much every situation. He’s been hated by family, friends, lovers, and just about everyone who is not Varys. It looked like he was finally getting a break when he was put in charge of Meereen, but the Masters of Essos stormed the city and put him in a bad place.

Even though his efforts were seen as a failure, Dany expressed her absolute trust in him by naming him the Hand of the Queen. Finally, Tyrion is wanted. His advice is valuable to Dany, and seeing as she is on her way to a strange land that Tyrion is familiar with, his counsel is going to mold the way Daenerys acts as a ruler.

Arya The Assassin

The North remembers!

The North remembers!

Arya’s storyline in Season 6 was a point of great controversy among Game of Thrones fans. In the midst of so many eye-catching stories, Arya’s training in Braavos was forced to sit in the shadows. That being said, Arya behaved like any good assassin by emerging from the shadows at just the right time to surprise the audience and take out the despicable Walder Frey.

Now that Arya is back, she is showing us that she means business. She still has a few more names on her list including Cersei Lannister and Melisandre. With her new training, she might finally finish her list and change up the fight for the Iron Throne.

Reign Of The Mad Queen

Cersei finally got what she wanted.

Cersei finally got what she wanted.

Cersei began the series as the King’s wife and arguably Queen in name only, but now has she become a ruler. The prophecy is coming true and with all three of her children dead, she has nothing to lose. She can rule just as ruthlessly as she wants without having to worry about the death of her loved ones. Her children are dead, her mother is dead, her father is dead, she hopes that Tyrion is dead, and surely Jaime can handle himself. Cersei has no one to worry about but herself.

Now that she gets to sit on the Iron Throne with all of Westeros — except the North — at her feet, she is more dangerous than ever. She has a giant zombified Mountain to kill her enemies, a mad scientist Qyburn to handle the remaining Wildfire, and an entire army of Lannisters and Kingsguard to conquer all. She is unstoppable — at least until Dany shows up.

The Arrival Of Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys sails for Westeros.

Daenerys sails for Westeros.

After six entire seasons of Dany wandering around, raising dragons and freeing slaves, she is finally enacting her plan to rule Westeros. So far the plan is to land in Dorne and work her way up to King’s Landing, but Euron Greyjoy is still headed her way. With two legions of ships heading towards each other, it looks like she’ll have one final conflict before she lands in Westeros.

Even though Euron might stand in her way, that doesn’t change the fact that Daenerys is finally about to join the fight for Westeros with dragons, a Dothraki horde, and an Unsullied army.

Brienne And The Hound Reunited

Perhaps a rematch?

Perhaps a rematch?

This isn’t officially confirmed, but the last time we saw Sandor Clegane and Brienne of Tarth, they were both wandering around Westeros getting their affairs in order. Wouldn’t it be an awesome moment to see the two reunite after Brienne defeated him in battle and left him for dead? The two burly brawlers would make quite the terrific pairing.

With only two seasons left, Game of Thrones looks like it is going to please fans with plenty of legendary moments to come. Make sure to tell me in the comments below what your most anticipated moment is!

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