6 Jaw-Dropping Moments From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6, Episode 8

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Season 6, Episode 8 of Game of Thrones. If you haven’t caught up then head back now. Quick, before Cersei chooses violence!

Game of Thrones is quickly moving towards it’s super-sized season finale and the residents of Westeros certainly show no signs of slowing things down while we get there. So much happened in this week’s episode yet we can only cover so much. With that in mind, let’s take a look back at the biggest, boldest and bravest moments from this week’s episode of Game of Thrones.

1. Meereen Under Attack

Oh dear...
Oh dear…

It appears that Greyworm was right when he warned Tyrion about trusting the masters of Slavers Bay. Missandei, Greyworm and Tyrion are shocked when the city of Meereen comes under attack – It’s the masters, who are clearly not as happy as Tyrion had hoped. Tyrion admits that he made a mistake trusting the masters, but perhaps it is too little too late. Will the masters reclaim Meereen as their own? Only time will tell.

2. Daenerys Is Back!

She's Back!
She’s Back!

Badass moments are one thing that Daenerys does better than any other character on Game of Thrones, and this week’s episode was no different. As her beloved city is under attack, the Great Pyramid is rocked with a mini-earthquake. Growing concerned that the pyramid has now come under attack, the Unsullied step out side to see whats going on. Greyworm becomes confused as the Unsullied men bow – moments later, Daenerys storms in, just in time to salvage whats left of Meereen. Daenerys makes her triumphant return, not only to Meereen but to Game of Thrones after being absent last week.

Watching Dany’s return like

It was an epic moment, but unfortunately that’s where the storyline was left. I must admit that I’m a little annoyed with the lack of screen time that Dany’s been getting lately, as she’s easily one of the most integral and interesting characters in the show. Oh well, theres still two episodes left yet.

3. Cersei chooses violence!

I choose violence...
I choose violence…

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and tonight Cersei proved that she has most certainly not lost her disdain for the High Sparrow, remaining intent on revenge. We also got our first glimpse of what Clegane/Franken-Mountain is truly capable of as Cersei chose violence, and Clegane pulled one of Sparrows head from his shoulders – literally. The Faith looked on, disturbed. Cersei has no intention of leaving the Red Keep and with Clegane by her side she won’t have to.

4. Trial by combat abolished?

The Crown and The Faith...
The Crown and The Faith…

Oh Tommen, so nice but so easily led. Cersei enters the Throne room to learn that there is to be a royal announcement. King Tommen reaffirms his devotion to both the faith and the crown and in doing so, he announces that the option of trial by combat is to be abolished. Furthermore the date for Loras Tyrell’s and Cersei Lannister’s trials are announced – we can probably assume that this will be a storyline for the season finale. The High Sparrow most certainly has some involvement in this decision and it’s most likely that this decision was made after Clegane’s display of violence earlier in the episode. Moreover, it highlights the Faith’s control over Tommen. This decision certainly puts a kink in Cersei’s plan – she most definitely would’ve used Clegane in a trial by combat and now we know that he is practically invincible. As that this is no longer an option, Cersei must come up with a new plan.

5. Jaime uses Edmure Tully to take Riverrun

Once a Lannister...
Once a Lannister…

Jaime confronts Edmure – who is now his prisoner – and somehow manages to persuade him to grant him access to the Riverrun castle: As Edmure is the rightful Lord of Rivverrun, this gives him access and thus Edmure uses this access to allow Jaime to enter. Of course, the Blackfish is not happy and doesn’t go down without a fight. In a battle that happens offscreen, the Blackfish is killed. Now that Jaime has taken control of the castle, can he return to Kings Landing and help Cersei deal with the Faith?

6. Arya confirms her identity

Going Home!
Going Home!

Following the events of last week’s episode, the internet became obsessed with as to what happened with Arya. Apparently none of them were necessary, as it actually was Arya that got stabbed. At the beginning of the episode, we find Arya – alone and broken – seated in Lady Crane’s dressing room. Lady Crane immediately takes control and aids Arya in her recovery. Unfortunately, the Waif resurfaces and brutally murders Lady Crane. Arya panics and lunges out of the window and the two chase each other all over Bravos. Arya manages to lure the Waif into the cavern that we saw her hiding in two weeks ago. The Waif offers Arya the chance to die on her feet but Arya reveals her special weapon: Needle. Arya kills the candlelight and the two apparently engage in a fight but we do not get to see.

H’ghar wanders through the hall of faces after he discovers blood. The trial leads to a new face in the hall – the Waif. Arya was victorious. H’ghar believes that Arya has truly become no-one, but Arya disagrees, stating that she is Arya Stark of Winterfell. She further affirms her identity by telling H’ghar that she plans to return home. H’ghar nods and almost smiles as Arya leaves the hall. Don’t get me wrong, it was great viewing, but I’m a little confused as to what the point of this storyline was.

“No One” was most definitely one of the most important episodes of the season, but as usual, we’ve been left with so many questions that can only be solved with another episode. Game of Thrones will be back for some more action in the Seven Kingdoms next Sunday and we all know how important the ninth episode of each season is, so I’m giving you warning now – be prepared!

What did you think of Season 6, Episode 8 of Game of Thrones? What was your favourite moment? Tell me in the comments below!


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