6 Jaw-Dropping Moments From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6, Episode 9

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Season 6, Episode 9 of Game of Thrones. If you haven’t caught up yet then turn back now and return when your watch has ended.

It was arguably the most anticipated battle in TV history and on this week’s episode of Game of Thrones, we finally saw Jon Snow take on the villainous Ramsay Bolton. What a spectacle it was – very much worth the hype and anticipation. If you have managed to lift your jaw from the floor, then lets take a look back at six epic moments from “Battle of the Bastards”. Because this week’s episode was so eventful and spectacular, I’ve decided to list the moments in order of their awesomeness.

6. The Death of Ramsay Bolton

Hell hath no fury!
Hell hath no fury!

Has there ever been a more satisfying moment than this? Probably not. Ramsay Bolton finally get his comeuppance – revenge for all the heinous acts that he’d committed – was rather rewarding to watch, even for a guy who’s not that fond of gore. Ramsay found himself locked in his ‘dog kennel’ and the loyal pets that he’d earlier admitted to not feeding for seven days began attacking and ravenously eating their master. Sansa watched the act unfold before walking off – a smile so evident on her face. In this moment, Sansa got her justice.

5. The Starks Take Back Winterfell

No place like home
No place like home

It was a bone chilling fight, but one of the greatest moments was watching the Starks take back Winterfell. The Bolton banners dropped to the ground and we saw the return of the Stark banners – highlighting that Winterfell was back in the hands of its rightful owners. Sansa and Jon look on, realising that they’d succeeded in their mission. But to quote the Buffy musical – where do we go from here? What’s next for the Stark’s and their family home? Will the finale see Arya return?

4. Littlefinger Saves The Day


Anybody else close to tears when Sansa and Littlefinger showed up with an army? Yeah, me too. House Arryn arrived just in time to save Jon and the free folk from impending death. It was in this moment that Ramsay knew that he’d messed up. In this moment, Ramsay knew that he’d lost control. Sansa proved herself right here – Jon had been underestimating Ramsay, but Sansa knew his true nature. If it weren’t for Sansa, Jon would be dead.

3. Daenerys Has Her Ships

Daenara? Yanerys?
Daenara? Yanerys?

It may have been an important episode for the Starks, but it was equally as important for Daenerys Targaryen, who now has everything that she needs to make it to Westeros. In a rather awesome scene, Yara and Theon arrived in Meereen and had an audience with Dany. With the ships that Dany took from the masters and the offerings of more from Yara and Theon, Dany has enough ships to take her khalasar and the Unsullied to the Westeros.

The Greyjoy’s promised to support her claim provided she helps them take back the Iron Islands. Moreover, Yara and Theon agreed to drop their people’s immoral ways. Was it just me, or did anybody else sense the sexual tension between Dany and Yara? Yo, that was definitely not my imagination. I’m getting serious vibes from those two.

2. The Battle

He knows something
He knows something

With all the hype and build-up, we expected the battle to be epic. However, it exceeded our expectations. Beautifully choreographed and horrifyingly gory, the battle of the bastards was everything that one could’ve hoped it would be. We knew it was going to be the biggest battle in the shows history and it didn’t disappoint. For being such an anticipated moment, Thrones did not let us down. There were several moments that we thought Jon wouldn’t make it – but he did. Jon Snow proved to the world that he knows something and fought his way to victory.

1. Daenerys Takes Control

Mommy's very angry
Mommy’s very angry

For an episode that was billed to be about nothing else but the battle of the bastards, Daenerys stole the show. In arguably the best moment of the entire season, Dany and Tyrion concocted a plan to take back control of Meereen. In one of the most spectacular things that I have ever witnessed, Dany stood up to the masters and rode off on Drogon. At the same time, Viserion and Rhagal broke free and all three dragons were re-united. Dany led the dragons into war and in a goosebumps enducing moment, uttered that terrifying word:

Drogon laid waste to many of the attackers and ultimately saved Meereen. In this moment, Dany highilighted her fearlessness by heading straight into battle and taking what is hers. Westeros had better prepare – the Mother of Dragons has proved that she has what it takes to rule.

Best. Episode. Ever!

In my estimation, that was the greatest episode of Game Of Thrones thus far. In fact, it was so incredible that it’s going to be difficult for to top. However, Thrones has proved in the past that it can pull off an incredible finale even after it’s usual bloodbath ninth episode. Prepare for anything as we head into the finale. The stakes are high and the game of thrones is on!

What did you think of Game Of Thrones Season 6, Episode 9? What was your favourite moment? Tell me in the comments below!


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