7 Comic Book Buddy Duos We Need To See On-Screen!

The golden age of superheroes is in full swing! But there’s been so many films recently within the genre that sub-genres have started to develop, wildly diversifying the films from each other. Just in the last two years we’ve had the epic political thriller (Captain America: Civil War), the comedic space opera (Guardians of the Galaxy), the R-rated crazy comedy (Deadpool), and coming shortly we even have mystical horror mind benders (Doctor Strange) and black comedy thrillers (Suicide Squad) coming to our screens. But one genre that looks to be coming in the next two years is the buddy duo film. With the latest Justice League news comes word about how the Flash and Cyborg have great chemistry, and with Cyborg appearing in The Flash that is probably going to get a lot of exploration. In addition to that, Thor: Ragnarok has already been described as an intergalactic buddy adventure between Hulk and Thor, so this genre is definitely a possibility for superhero films! But in comics, there are a lot of legendary buddy duos that we deserve the opportunity to see on screen, and here are seven of them that we haven’t been given yet!

1. Awesome Facial Hair Bros!

Yeah the MCU has Science bros and that’s cool, but we NEED awesome facial hair bros to really rock the films. Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Downey Jr are made for these characters, so it’s got to be given a moment in the spotlight, especially since both of these guys are Sherlock Holmes! The possibilities there blow my mind!

2. Luke Cage and Iron Fist

This is a comic book relationship almost as old as either of the characters themselves. Luke Cage and Iron Fist are amazing friends in the comics, and more often than not have a series dedicated to the duo rather than either of the individual characters. This, like awesome facial hair bros, is one duo that we are likely to see on-screen, as they’re both set to become members of The Defenders show after their solo series both arrive on Netflix, either of which could easily feature the other in a supporting role! These guys are a really close duo, and I can’t wait for them to get together.

3. Booster Gold and Blue Beetle

Then there’s these guys! Blue Beetle and Booster Gold are hilarious, and together they’re the most comedic pair in all of DC comics. With rumours of a film about these two recently, it’s possible that we’ll get this duo in all of their glory, but we’ll just have to wait and see. Personally I’m still hoping that Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion will play the pair, because who could possibly be against that idea?? (That was not a challenge).

4. Green Arrow and Green Lantern

But enough about the gold and blue boys, the lads in green are here! These two are nearly certain to show up on the same screen eventually, and they’ve really kept us waiting. There have been multiple easter eggs pointing to the existence of Hal Jordan on Arrow and The Flash, but he’s never appeared. This duo have had a love/hate relationship ever since they first met, when Arrow kind of tried to kill Lantern.

5. Cable and Deadpool

This is a pairing we already know is coming in Deadpool 2, as announced by the big red guy in his own film! I can’t wait to see this relationship on-screen, as it is one of the most love/hate relationships in all of comicdom! Cable is a man of action, who seeks to better the world, and is from a rather terrible future world. Deadpool is an insane guy who can’t really die. Together, these opposites make for an amazing film, and that is just what we’re going to get!

6. Batman and Nightwing

Another obvious pairing, but one that needs said since we’ve somehow not properly seen this in live-action before. We’ve seen Batman and Robin on-screen, and it’s usually Dick Grayson, but the real relationship is the one they have when Dick is grown up, and they have their entire history behind them while Dick is beginning to strike out on his own. They’re such good friends, but have the same problems that any father and son would have once the son is grown up and becoming independent. I know that this one is an almost certainty to see soon, with Ben Affleck’s solo Batman film coming, but I had to put it in once I realised we’ve never seen Dick Grayson as Nightwing on the big screen!

7. Hawkeye and Hawkeye

Last one is my favourite, because the Matt Fraction Hawkeye series is one of my favourite comic book runs of all time, and that’s mostly because of the relationship between Clint Barton and Kate Bishop. Kate became Hawkeye as a member of the Young Avengers when she thought Clint was dead, and when he came back they became good friends and deal with all manner of random villains and events together. The best part about this is that it is totally platonic, and sometimes it seems like they don’t even like each other, but they care deep down. It’s like a brother/sister thing, but even more fun to play with! And if Kate can somehow be incorporated into Clint’s life despite the extra wife and kids he has compared to the comics, then I’d love to see this happen on-screen!

That’s it folks! Is there something you desperately want to see happen on-screen in the golden age of superhero films? Write about it right here on creators.co!

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