8 Films For Kids On Netflix That Are Worth Making Popcorn For

It can be a hard task all day, and sometimes there’s nothing quite like popping on . But with more options than ever accessible on Netflix, it’s hard to know what to choose. However, fear not! Take a look below to find out 8 of the best kids movies available to watch on Netflix right now:

8. The Emperor’s New Groove – 2000

After young Incan Emperor Kuzco is turned in a llama by his fired administrator who plans to take over his empire, Kuzco undertakes a mission to regain his throne with the help of a villager named Pacha.

Why it’s perfect for kids: It’s and it’s only 78 minutes long.

Anything to be concerned about? There is some low level scares, including Kuszo being chased by jaguars and falling off a cliff, and a couple being struck by lightning but nothing particularly concerning.

7. The Last Unicorn – 1982

The last unicorn in the world and a magician begin a quest to bring back the rest of the unicorns, who were driving into the sea by the Red Bull, a demonic animal being kept by the evil King Haggard.

Why it’s perfect for kids: A beautiful, funny and original film which has an impressive cast (which include Mia Farrow, Alan Arkin and Jeff Bridges). It also has strong messages about responsibility and making decisions.

Anything to be concerned about? There are some sad and scary scenes which might be of concern with younger or sensitive kids, including scenes with the Red Bull and witch.

6. Fantasia – 1940

An old-school film, but one which is sure to delight Disney and music lovers alike. Fantasia consists of eight animated segments set to pieces of classical music, the most famous of which is The Sorcerer’s Apprentice starring Mickey Mouse as the apprentice who attempts to do some of his master’s magic tricks, only to find he can’t control them.

Why it’s perfect for kids: Fantastic animation, beautiful classical music and Mickey Mouse make Fantasia a childhood must-see.

Anything to be concerned about? Some of the music or visuals may upset young or sensitive children, including scenes involving dinosaurs, skeletons and ghosts. There are also some moments that by todays standards may seem boring and fail to hold the attention of young viewers.

5. The Sandlot – 1993

Set in 1962, the new kid in town, Scotty, is welcomed into a baseball team. , ultimately ending in Scotty conquering the team’s fear of a terrifying guard dog known as “the Beast.”

Why it’s perfect for kids: It’s a fun sports film with a message about how your worst fear might not be as bad as imagined.

Anything to be concerned about? Some light cursing spread throughout the film. There’s also a vomit scene during an amusement park ride, and a kiss.

4. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial – 1982

After a young boy named Elliot finds a friendly extra-terrestrial who was mistakenly left behind on earth, he must protect his new friend from government agents hunting him down.

Why it’s perfect for kids: ! The tale of an unlikely friendship and a strong bond is one which will totally capture kids hearts.

Anything to be concerned about? There is some harsh language and creative insults sprinkled through the film. Younger or easily frightened children may find E.T. a little scary. There is also a scene where Elliot is slightly drunk as a result of E.T. drinking beer.

3. How to Train Your Dragon 2 – 2014

The sequel to the wildly popular How To Train Your Dragon, this sequel carries on the story of Viking, Hiccup and his dragon friend, Toothless who now live in the dragon-friendly island of Berk. In the film Hiccup and Toothless fight to protect their home from a mad man who plans to declare war and steal Berk’s dragons.

Why it’s perfect for kids: With a smart plot and beautiful animation, How To Train Your Dragon is a fun escape into a world where dragons make great companions.

Anything to be concerned about? There are some violent fight scenes, as well as the death of a character which may be upsetting to some young kids.

2. The Princess Bride – 1987

We’re taken inside a fairytale world of the beautiful Buttercup and her true love, Westley. After a long separation and many trials, the film proves that love can conquer all.

Why it’s perfect for kids: A classic tale involving pirates, princes, giants and sword fights, The Princess Bride has been a staple for children and adults alike since it was released 29 years ago.

Anything to be concerned about? There is some violence, with scenes involving poisoning, sword fights and a torture machine among others. In addition there are some strong language spread throughout.

1. Back to the Future – 1985

Marty McFly is accidentally sent 30 years into the past in a time-traveling car, there he has to ensure his parents (still in high school) get together to ensure his own existence.

Why it’s perfect for kids: The beginning of what remains one of the best trilogies of all time, Back to the Future is a fun introduction to the idea of time-travel.

Anything to be concerned about? Some strong language is used through out, as well as some violence. There’s also a scene featuring the beginning of a sexual assault in which a character is shown to be struggling and uncomfortable in the situation.

What do you think the best film for kids is?


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