8 ‘Flashdance’ Moves You Can Use Every Day

It’s no surprise that the inspired an entire generation to don leg warmers and live out their dreams. And while many were moved to take classes in various dance disciplines from ballet to jazz, the film also taught us moves that didn’t require technical prowess.

Here are 8 simple moves you can use every day:

1. The Elaborate Soda Spill

If you’re going to be clumsy anyway, why not do it with some flair? Tell the world you’re stain-bound and proud of it. When in doubt, go bigger.

2. The Over-Under-Through

Who says your undergarments need to come off last? Defy linear storytelling and start where ever you want.

3. The I’ve Almost Met My Fitbit Goal

It’s the end of your day and you’re just shy of your 10,000 steps. Make the last moves of your day simply maniacal.

4. The Implausible Costume Change

Don’t rely on your impeccable fashion sense alone. Whether you’re in the office or at a party, wow them with a quick-change that logistically doesn’t make sense.

5. The Blatant Play With Your Food Flirt

Why leave anything at all to the imagination? Use any food object to entice a possible mate. If the inappropriateness is making you or your party uncomfortable, go further.

6. The All-Inclusive

Whether you’re assigning tasks, acknowledging team participation, or passing the blame – spinning and pointing let’s everyone know you’re all in this together.

7. The I Don’t Have Time for a Shower

Being busy is no excuse for proper hygiene. If you don’t think you have time for a thorough bathing experience, get creative.

8. The Ultimate Joy

When you simply can’t contain your feelings for carbs, punch the sky and kick the ground and let your perm shake free. Oh, what a feeling.


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