9 Interesting Facts About Horror Fan Favorite ’13 Ghosts’

? 2001’s Thirteen Ghosts is still immensely popular after all this time, and it’s no wonder. The movie is marvelously imaginative and comes back with some admirable special effects.

Check out some super interesting facts about this early ’00s horror classic.

1. The Writing’s On The Wall

The scrawl over the walls of the glass house is a translation of The Lord’s Prayer.

2. Ghost Glasses

Thirteen Ghosts gives a nice nod to the 1960 13 Ghosts when the characters don special glasses to see the ghosts. William Castle’s black and white original came to theaters with the gimmick of ‘Illusion-O’, handing out glasses to audiences to see special effects.

3. The Black Zodiac

The movie focusses on the Black Zodiac, which is fictionalized for the film but is by some astrologers.

4. Kinky!

Thirteen Ghosts was so popular that it earned the dubious honor of having a made about it. It was (rather unimaginatively) called Thirteen Erotic Ghosts and was released only a year after the movie itself in 2002.

5. Amazing Effects

Amputee actor Daniel Wesley played The Torso in the movie, wearing a hood that allowed SFX workers to remove his head in the final footage. His make-up didn’t take as long as The Angry Princess’s, however, which required actress Shawna Loyer to sit for five hours in the make-up chair! Check out what .

6. Friendly Ghosts?

Despite terrifying characters like The Jackal and The Juggernaut, only one character in the entire movie is killed by a ghost: ‘s character, Dennis.

7. One Time Only!

Shawna Loyer, who played fan favorite The Angry Princess, only ever acted in one movie. Thirteen Ghosts was her first and last film.

8. Coincidence?

The fourth ghost of the movie’s Black Zodiac is ‘The Withered Lover’ — IV in Roman numerals. This character uses an IV.

9. Super Sound

The sound mix for the movie was so intense that some audience members insisted listening to it caused them physical pain. Did you experience anything like this watching Thirteen Ghosts or is that just hearsay?


Who’s your favorite of the Thirteen Ghosts?



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