9 Lives, Eh? Ser Pounce Might Not Have Survived The ‘GoT’ Season 6 Finale

Last week, fans were up in arms about

The feline hasn’t been seen since Season 4, “Oathkeeper,” and fans were chomping at the bit in anticipation of his climactic return. The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Tommen actor Dean-Charles Chapman to get the deets, and he shared some juicy tidbits about the salacious lifestyle Ser Pounce had most likely been leading in King’s Landing:

“Ser Pounce must be lying about somewhere. He’s a bit of a diva. [Laughs]. He’s probably drinking some cocktails somewhere, laying out in the sun.”

But after the , and still no sight of his tufty tail, Chapman was asked by HBO’s Making of Game of Thrones to comment again on the cat’s whereabouts, and this time his answer was utterly devastating:

“He probably got a girlfriend and got married… And probably got caught up in the Sept blast, unfortunately.”

Nooooooooooo! Ser Pounce was the chosen one! Say it ain’t so, Tommen!

But I have to say, Ser Pounce was last seen flitting around the Red Keep, which survived Cersei’s vicious purge. So, perhaps there’s hope Ser Pounce lives?

Ser Pounce, 'Game of Thrones' [HBO]
Ser Pounce, ‘Game of Thrones’ [HBO]

Touchingly, when asked if he had a favorite scene from Tommen’s run on Game of Thrones, the young actor “fondly” remembered Ser Pounce in his answer:

“I’d probably choose the Ser Pounce scene in ‘Oathkeeper.’ That was my first day, so that meant a lot to me. It’s an iconic scene for Tommen with Ser Pounce and Margaery. It was a long, hard day, because the cat was a bit of a diva.”

Who’s with me?

Long may he reign!

Ser Pounce: Dead or alive? Discuss.

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