9 MORE Marvel Characters That Could Defeat Superman

Last summer, I decided to write a piece titled . For the longest time, I’ve pondered to make up another list of Marvel characters that could give the Man of Steel a run for his money. What better time than now, a year exactly after the first piece?

The topic at hand had been kept in the dark for far too long. It was finally time to discuss it out in the view of the public eye! And now it is finally time to add to the already established list of Marvel characters that could defeat the world’s most beloved superhero.

9. Blue Marvel

Adam Brashear has been labeled as a prodigy long before he became one of the universe’s strongest heroes. Brashear was a former fullback at Cornell University where he graduated magna cum laude with his Ph.D.s in electrical engineering and theoretical physics. He was a member of the US Marine Corps where he earned two Silver Stars, and he was also a veteran of the Korean War.

Adam later became the scientific lead in a project that attempted to harness anti-matter through the creation of a “Negative Reactor” which created a bridge between the Negative Zone and the positive matter universe, that we live in. The projects main goal was to gain access to a nearly unlimited source of clean energy. During the project, the reactor unexpectedly exploded, subjecting Brashear to mutagenic radiation. He then became a stable anti-matter reactor, while developing extraordinary superhuman abilities.

Brashear then became the Blue Marvel, arguably the most powerful being in the Marvel Universe. Captain America and Iron Man have classified him as an Alpha Level threat! His feats of strength are like no other. He has been known to effortlessly lift 93,000 tons, and according to The Watcher, can split the moon in two with one blow. During King Hyperion’s slaughter of his Earth’s heroes such as Thor, Hercules, and Galactus, he then went on to defeat other world’s Hulks, Sentries, and even Eternals. The Blue Marvel not only defeated King Hyperion, but he overpowered him and his two counterparts from other Earth’s.

Brashear has directly engaged Iron Man, Ares, Ms Marvel, and Wonder Man all at once. The result? He casually overpowered them all. From matter manipulation, superhuman strength, speed, stamina, and agility, the Blue Marvel has quite enough firepower to bring the Man of Steel to his knees.

8. Scarlet Witch

Wanda Maximoff, along with her brother Pietro (Quicksilver) had discovered her amazing abilities in her adolescence. When she grew older, the Scarlet Witch plead allegiance to Magneto’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, where she fought the X-Men on multiple occasions. After abandoning her life of crime, she joined the new Avengers lineup that consisted of Quicksilver, Captain America, and Hawkeye.

Wanda became more adept to using her powers, unaware that she was tapping into genuine magic. It’s believed that she would have been an ordinary energy manipulator, if it weren’t for the experiments done on her as a child. With her given abilities, she was able to tap into Chaos Magic, a magic so powerful that it was thought to be non-existent by the Sorcerer Supreme, Dr. Strange himself. This magic can manipulate, warp, and completely reconstruct reality itself. Wanda has done that once, using her powers to form a reality where mutants were the majority.

The holder of Chaos Magic is able to bend the space-time continuum to his or her will, as well as bring complete destruction to the entire universe. Being a holder of such magic makes Scarlet Witch one of the most dangerous beings in any given universe. The power to reconstruct reality itself, and to bend it to her will is all she needs to destroy Superman. With a vulnerability to magic, Supes sure would have a hard time facing off against this Marvel character.

7. Vision

Vision’s origins began with the rebellion of Ultron, who was created by the size-changing Avenger, Hank Pym. Ultron kidnapped Professor Phineas T. Horton, inventor of the first Human Torch, in order to use this android to make his own. When Vision was birthed, Ultron didn’t realize that the Professor didn’t erase his memory as the Torch. After killing the professor, Ultron decided to gift Vision with the brain patterns of Wonder Man. With an implanted control system, he was able to keep his new android in check.

Ultron then sent Vision to lead the Avengers into a deathtrap, yet was defeated by Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. After the battle, the heroes examined the android before he awoke, informing them of his mission to destroy them. Moved by The Avengers predicament, he betrayed his programming and aided in the fight against his evil creator. Vision soon after proved himself worthy enough to become an Avenger.

This android possesses your run of the mill super strength, agility, speed, and senses. One thing that wouldn’t affect Superman all that much, is the solar beam he shoots from his head. Supes would probably grow stronger by absorbing the energy, firing it right back at him. Then again, Vision would also be able to absorb it, as he is capable of absorbing solar energy.

Other than the ability to change his density, Vision could defeat Superman by using his ability to disassemble into a swarm of millions of nanites. Each nanite contains a copy of Vision’s A.I. programming, allowing him to reconstruct an entirely new body from one single unit. Imagine millions of Visions attacking you at once. Not only that, but the nanites can enter through the smallest of crevices. Vision could easily swarm his way into the Man of Steel’s body, destroying him from the inside out. Not a clean way to go, but death isn’t always pretty.

6. Cyttorak

This ugly looking son of a gun is ruler of the dimension known as the Crimson Cosmos. He is an abstract magical entity with endless powers, and appears in one of his two known aspects. One aspect is a demon-like one that empowers the mighty Juggernaut. His other aspect is a God-like one that serves as a source of power to sorcerers and powerful entities such as Dr. Strange, Dormammu, The Ancient One, and so on. Although his power is limitless within his own dimension, Cyttorak doesn’t need to be in the Crimson Cosmos to defeat Superman.

The small fraction of his power given to Juggernaut was said to be enough to control the entire universe. Galactus out of all beings was helpless to free himself from Cyttorak, who had imprisoned him. Now if Superman is vulnerable to magic, how could he stand against the one who gives power to the mightiest magical beings in all of the universe?

5. Doctor Strange

Dr. Stephen Strange was a brilliant yet egocentric surgeon. After a car accident, Strange suffered detrimental damage to his hands, that took away his ability to perform surgery. He then searched the globe for a way to heal his ailment, where he came across the Ancient One. After becoming the student of the sorcerer supreme, Strange became proficient in mystical and martial arts.

After proving himself to be worthy, Dr. Strange earned the title of Sorcerer Supreme. Along with his wide array of abilities, Strange’s costume boasts two mystical objects – the Cloak of Levitation and Eye of Agamotto. These objects add on to his already immense power. The Eye can be used to project a mystical shield, probe the minds of others, see past events, track magical beings, weaken a variety of evil beings (demons, undead, devils, etc.), and it can also radiate a powerful light that allows Strange to see through illusions and disguises.

Now the Cloak of Levitation simply allows Dr. Strange to well… levitate. The Sorcerer Supreme possesses a multitude of abilities that would be more than enough to take down big boy blue. His power goes beyond that of most mystical beings, making him an obvious choice to make the list of Marvel characters that could defeat Superman.

4. The Living Tribunal

The Living Tribunal is a humanoid cosmic entity who is as old as the universe itself. It’s purpose is to safeguard the Multiverse from any imbalances. It can act to stop one universe from obtaining more power than the other, as well as act to prevent an overwhelming imbalance of good or evil. Can’t have too much of both I guess..? This powerhouse manifests itself as a being with three faces, representing the three sides of its personality.

It’s front face, represents equity, the fully covered face on his right represents necessity, and the partially covered face on its left represents just revenge. Before The Tribunal can intervene in any cosmic event, all three faces must come to an agreement. That’s pretty weird, but who am I to argue with this guy.

The Living Tribunal is a physical embodiment of the entire Marvel Multiverse. With a nearly incalculable level of strength, his power has been said to dwarf that of the Infinity Gauntlet – a tool that has the power to control the entire universe. I’d say it’s safe to say this cosmic being could defeat Superman. All three faces would have to agree to fight him first, of course.

3. The Beyonder

The Beyonder is a member of an ancient otherworldly race known as the Beyonders. He was dragged down to Earth by a tachyon beam that was meant to attract a Vibranium meteorite. Beyonder’s observation of Earth gave him the conclusion that humans were incomplete. Where Beyonder came from, he wasn’t just apart of a universe, he was the universe. Beyonder took his conclusion of mankinf being incomplete, and strived to cure it of it’s incompleteness.

This powerful being was responsible for the Secret Wars, where he pitted our favorite heroes against a team of villains in the ultimate battle of good vs. evil. His abilities go far beyond that of most living entities. The Beyonder possesses extraordinary psionic abilities that allow him to scan the minds of the entire world. He can also change the state of matter itself, and manipulate reality.

Although his strength is incalculable, if he were to be injured, he could heal himself by simply willing it. He can also create or destroy an entire multiverse. With near omnipotence, it’s no argument that The Beyonder has what it takes to defeat the boy in blue.

2. Franklin Richards

Son of Mr. Fantastic and The Invisible Woman, Franklin is one of the most powerful beings to have ever existed. His genetic structure was affected by the cosmic radiation that gave his parents their powers, resulting in him being born a mutant. Unlike the majority of super powered mutants, Franklin began developing his abilities ata very young age. He grew in using his psionic abilities, discovering he could foresee events from alternate futures.

Aside from his psionic abilities, Franklin is capable of manipulating matter, as well as reality, being able to make any thought he has come to fruition. He once subconsciously created a pocket universe that was a mirror image of the one he lived in. That gained him the attention of cosmic beings such as Galactus, Eternity, and more! They admired his gifts and described him as a “being whom the Celestials felt was on par with themselves”.

Two Celestials once attempted to retrieve Franklin for observation, as they considered him to be a member of the Celestial Host – a group of beings recognized as Gods. At one point, he even made Galactus the eater of worlds, his herald. I think Franklin could absolutely defeat Superman with his seemingly limitless power.

1. The Fulcrum

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this character, The Fulcrum is a cosmic entity who is served by the Horde, the Watchers, and the Celestials – some of Marvel’s most powerful beings. The Fulcrum has once been described as “the very essence of what holds reality in it’s place”. Putting this character on the list may seem unfair, but when you look at the title of the article, you can see that it’s fair game! The Fulcrum is a Marvel character that could defeat Superman.

A cool thing about this character is that he runs a bar where the Eternals hang out in the afterlife. Some say he is the same as the One Above All as both characters have been illustrated as the late Jack Kirby. Oh, and he goes by “Jack” so that theory sort of checks out! Now basically, Jack Kirby himself can rip Superman to shreds without breaking a sweat.

I’m sure there are more Marvel characters out there that could defeat the beloved Man of Steel! Let me know if I missed any!

What do you guys think?

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