9 Sassy Spike Quotes Which Prove Buffy Isn’t The Only One With Quips That Slay

Although we can obviously learn a lot from Buffy Summers’ stream of sass, it’s clear to most fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer that the character with the upmost zing was Spike. That villainous vampire slithered his way into our hearts with his saucy quips and, 20 years later, there he still stays.9 Spike quotes you need for everyday situations: 1. When someone is way too demanding about your whereabouts:

2. When your co-worker gets a promotion and is suddenly all hoity-toity:

3. When you literally cannot express how much you dislike a person:

4. When your Airbnb is not up to parr:

5. When you’re five shots deep and the vibe is flowing:

6. And then the next morning you’re like:

7. When someone annoying says something they think is funny and everyone laughs:

8. When you get caught checking your ex’s Instagram profile:

9. When you hit on someone and then get rejected because they’re already in a relationship:

What’s your favorite Spike quote?