90% Of Black Panther’s Cast Will Be “African or African American”

Black Panther’s debut in Captain America: Civil War was huge, especially on a cultural level. It ushered in the first big-name African-American Superhero that has appeared on screen aside from Blade, Falcon and War Machine. Everyone, especially those in the African-America community were extremely excited to see one of the most bad-ass Marvel characters make his way to the big screen and boy did they get it right!Black Panther is set to have his own solo film next year and we should expect it to mainly take place in his home nation of Wakanda. Michael B. Jordan was announced to have joined the cast as the villain and according to Marvel Boss Kevin Feige, he will be apart of the 90% of cast members that are either African or African-American.They Are Keeping Black Panther True To His Culture!

Black Panther is of course the king of the fictional African nation of Wakanda. HIs nation is primarily in the jungle and this was always one of the most bad-ass aspects of Black Panther’s storyline. So the fact that Marvel is trying to stay as close to the source material as they possibly can with the cast shows how much they care about not only keeping the character as true to the comics as possible, but creating diversity as well. This Shows Exactly Why Marvel Is So Great!

Marvel is great at getting the characters perfect to their comic book counter parts. The king of Wakanda should have a film around his entire nation and besides Everett K. Ross, there isn’y anyone of another race that is close to Black Panther. Hats off to Marvel for making the right choice and giving us the Black Panther movie we all deserve!