‘Adventure Time’ Enters An Even More Magical Kingdom In This Adorable Disney-Style Fan Art

Adventure Time fans wouldn’t change the technicolor acid trip surrealist masterpiece for the world, but what would happen if Finn and Jake were somehow sucked into the saccharin sweet Disney universe?

Although they are wildly different worlds, I have a feeling that if Cartoon Network and Disney got together in animation’s oddest partnership, it would be as fun as a tropical island, right Jake?

Check out what happens when the Magic Kingdom collides with Ooo in the below.

1. The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway


I know they are both frosty characters, but the pervy old Ice King definitely wouldn’t be my first choice of chilly chap. Then again, looking at his track record, maybe Elsa doesn’t have much of a choice in the matter.

2. Wonderland Time


Painting the roses red might have seemed surreal in the Disney universe, but these sorts of shenanigans seem tame compared to the face melting, food chain makin’ Adventure Time universe.

3. Finntastic Frolics


Finn’s character has always been three dimensional, but this is something else.

4. Derpy Princesses


Sure, one of the best things about Adventure Time is that a desperate thirst for a husband and a flouncy dress are not compulsory for its princesses, but there’s nothing wrong with a bit of cosplay, right?

5. Finnderella


Finn’s gender-swapped fan fiction counterpart, Fionna, gets the doe-eyed Disney treatment in this stunning digital painting.

6. A Tangled Tale


Who knew that Jake was such a stallion! Also,

7. From Monarchy To Maid


The Ice King’s princess pinching habits have spilled into the magical kingdom. Finn is going to have his work cut out!

8. Ooo la la!

Artist: Unknown (please leave a message in the comments if you know the artist so I can give them credit for their awesome work.)

It’s a “Whole New World” for the Adventure Time gals in this stunning Disney-style redraw.

9. Clantastic


Poor Jake seems to have had an adverse reaction to his Disney-style transformation.

10. Golden Gals


“We are the muses.

Goddesses of the arts

and proclaimers of heroes.

Heroes like Hercules.

Honey, you mean Hunkules!”

11. Fionna White


Is it just me, or should Marshall totally be swapped with Prince Gumball?

12. From Arendelle To Ooo


Let it ooo!

13. Tale As Old As Adventure Time


Loving the smart Beemo digital clock idea!

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What Disney character do you think your favorite Adventure Time character would be?


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